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Foil cables are a very smart integrated circuit technology. They offer many advantages such as reasonable costs, low weight, high flexibility and a large number of contacts in small spaces. In this category you will find detailed information concerning the various deliverable options.

Further categories

Bending cycles - tolerances
In general the extremely flexible FFCs are divided into different categories. Cables – from the static version (type K) to the highly flexible version with silicone (type E) – are manufactured for various applications.
connection type / skinning
FFC Flex Foil Cables are available in various designs. The direct mounting with FFC/FPC connectors is a very popular technique. However, the direct soldering to PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) or the connection with conductive adhesives by the HEAT SEAL procedure is also possible.
FFC cables are available in the following grid dimensions: 0.50 mm, 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm 1.25 mm, 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm. The smallest available grid is 0.50 mm. The pitch dimensions of 0.50 mm and 1.00 mm are deemed to be standard.
Special types
As in many product ranges also FFCs are available in various special designs as there are: folded FFCs, shielded FFCs with/without grounded shield, PULL-tabs (assembling aid), ident print or since recently also black colored FFC cables or FFC with “sidecatcher” function e.g. for the HIROSE FH40 series.  There is a great variety. So please do not hesitate to contact us, we will support you.
FFC with side catcher
These FFC cable have a special punching – the so-called "side-catcher". These side-catchers are adapted to connectors of many different manufacturers, here is a selection: Hirose: FH52, FH65, FH40, FH41, FH48, FH28, FX16 Iriso: 9664, 9687S, 11500S, 9650S, 9640S, 9663S, 9664S, 9685S, 9691S, 9695S Kyocera: AVX 6288, 6251, 6808 Panasonic: AYF53 Molex: 501864-3091, 502231, 505110, 5051100008 Amphenol: 62674-301121ALF JAE: FI-X30M-NPB FCI: SFW30R-3STE1LF We would be pleased to supply you with the appropriate connectors.​
UL is an independent organization which analyses and certifies products as to their reliability. We offer cables according to the following UL-styles: UL2896/UL20624/UL20696/UL2643.