Our products FFC with side catcher

These FFC cable have a special punching – the so-called "side-catcher". These side-catchers are adapted to connectors of many different manufacturers, here is a selection: Hirose: FH52, FH65, FH40, FH41, FH48, FH28, FH67, FX16, TF38, TF45 Iriso: 9664, 9687S, 11500S, 9650S, 9640S, 9663S, 9664S, 9685S, 9691S, 9695S Kyocera: AVX 6288, 6251, 6808 Panasonic: AYF53 Molex: 501864-3091, 502231, 505110, 5051100008, 15018 (FD19), 15021, 15022, 15023 Amphenol: 62674-301121ALF JAE: FI-X30M-NPB FCI: SFW30R-3STE1LF We would be pleased to supply you with the appropriate connectors.​