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Progressive miniaturization with simultaneous performance increase is the defining trend in modern electronics development. Modern electronic devices require high-performance cables with high transmission rates and large bandwidth. These cables must be impedance, attenuation controlled, highly flexible and suitable for use in the most confined spaces. FFC cables are the best choice here! They offer advantages such as low costs, low weight, high flexibility and a large number of contacts in a small space. The demand for flexible, high-performance flat cables (FFC) for controlling complex components is constantly increasing.

High-Speed FFCs with controlled impedance for optimal transmission characteristics!

However, as serial data speeds increase, maintaining signal integrity (quality) becomes more difficult or even impossible. Impedance-controlled foil cables are the solution! Controlled impedance FFCs have a shielding foil only on one side. In order to adjust the inductive and capacitive properties of the cable to the required impedance, predominantly 100 Ohm.

For EMC optimization, impedance-controlled FFCs are only suitable to a limited extent, because no shield connection can be made here. A shielded FFC solution should be selected here.

FFCs with controlled impedance are suitable for the following applications:

  • high-end audio and video entertainment systems
  • high-fidelity sound bar and Bluetooth speakers
  • LVDS Solutions
  • USB transmissions
  • IoT devices
  • game consoles, smartphones, tablets & laptop PCs
  • laser, inkjet printers, scanners that use serial I/O technologies
  • industrial display solutions
  • medical equipment...

Have a look at the comparative HiSpeed test results between FFC and impedance controlled FFCs!