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This cable set is designed to connect different brands of TFT-displays equipped with a connector HIROSE DF9-41P-1V. The set is open on one side.

Technical specifications:

  • connector: HIROSE DF9-41P-1V
  • cable: KAB-DF9-41S-0800LI-20
  • dimension: 800 (l)
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 36.2 g


  • industrial application
  • available in customized lengths (≥ 60 mm cable length)
  • strands AWG28 in different colours
  • stable connection
  • light weight
  • individual designs possible
  • low cost

also available with mirrored mounting of the DF9-connector (….-21)

The following displays will be supported:

AA121SL01, LB121S02, LB121S02-A2, LC201V02, LQ104S1DG21, LQ104S1DG61, LQ121S1DG11, LQ121S1DG31, LQ121S1DG61, LTM121S1-T01, LTM150XH-L06, NL8060BC26-17, NL8060BC26-28, NL8060BC31-17, NL8060BC31-17D, NL8060BC31-20, NL8060BC31-27, NL8060BC31-36, NL8060BC31-42, NL8060BC31-42D, T-51512D121J-FW-A-AB, T-51512D121J-FW-A-AC, T-51512D121J-FW-A-AE, T-51513D104J-FW-A-AD, LQ121S1DG41, NL8060BC31-50F

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