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Cable designed for high speed LVDS applications especially for LCD display drives.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: JAE FI-NX-40CL
  • side 2: JAE-FI-NX-40CL
  • strands: AWG36 - 40, micro-coax, configuration 1:1, L = 500 mm


  • standard cable length L = 500 mm
  • 40-pin connector, pitch 0.80 mm, bidirectional
  • extremely small design, complement on PCB with max. installation height of 1.00 mm
  • save screening via rack
  • mechanical catch mechanism to avoid vibrations and impacts
  • the applied cable is a micro-coaxial AWG40-42 or stranded wire AWG32-36
  • customized solutions on request e.g. for LCD LTN141AT08, LP171WU5-TLB1

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