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We present you a new flexible OKI cable from the OMNET OKI cable series!

This Cat 6A cable is suitable for ethernet-based open network cabling. Network your end devices together and make your Ethernet even more powerful.

The cable complies with the Cat 6A standard. Network cables in the Cat 6A subcategory are particularly powerful as they are suitable for operating frequencies of up to 500 MHz and meet a transmission speed of 10 Gbps. For network cables in this category the transmission distances are technically limited to about 30 m. For fixed cabling length markings are recorded every metre on the cable. Oil and heat resistant PVC is used for the cable sheath. This allows the cable to be used even in environments where lubricants are used. The flexible cable is designed for pivoting, sliding and rotating movements. Cat 6A cables are used for all voice and data transmissions, ATM and multimedia networks.

The OMNET series from OKI was designed as an Ethernet cable series for field networks, taking into account the environment of factory automation devices. As the automation of factory processes progresses, the need to integrate the systems by interconnecting different controllers and factory automation units is becoming more and more important.

Technical specifications:

  • cable: OMNET-C6A KW-28AWG Flex
  • copper wire strands, 4x2 twisted pair wire, AWG28, up to 80 °C, 30 V
  • double shielding: special copper braiding, each twisted pair cable is shielded
  • outside diameter of the insulator: 1.0 mm
  • outer diameter of cable: 6.4 mm
  • transmission distance: max. 30 m
  • insulation material: oil and heat resistant PVC
  • colour: black
  • cable weight: approx. 50 kg/km
  • flexible, up to 3 million bending cycles (R = 50 mm)
  • drag chain capable
  • halogen-free
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL 20276

Electrical requirements:

  • transmission rate: 10 Gbps
  • conductor resistance Ω/30m: ≦ 5.9 (under 20 ℃)
  • insulation resistance MΩ/km: ≧ 100
  • dielectric strength V-min: AC 500
  • insertion loss dB/30m: f=500 MHz ≦ 45.3 (at 20 ℃)
  • return loss dB/100m: f=500 MHz ≧ 15.2
  • NEXT dB/100m: f=500 MHz ≧ 33.8
  • PSNEXT dB/100m: f=500 MHz ≧ 31.8
  • propagation delay ns/100m: f=500 MHz ≦ 536
  • delay skew ns/100m: 1≦f≦500 MHz ≦ 45

The colour scheme and technical details of the OMNET cable can be found in the attached PDF file. If you have any further questions about this article, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please also have a look at our OKI cable of the HSDS cable series: LTG-OKI-HSDS-K-AWG28-6P-K-M.

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