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STE-VI-FPC05P-H09 series

The connector series STE-VI-FPC05P-H09 is an ultra thin FFC/FPC ZIF* connector for FFC/FPC cables with a thickness of 0.3 mm. This series is a bottom contacting horizontal type and has a flip-up opener similar to the FH19SC series from Hirose. The height of the complete housing is only 0.98 mm.

In general we supply this series in reels of 3000 pieces. Smaller quantities as from 10 pieces upwards can be offered if available from stock.

Unfortunately, this connector series has been discontinued and is therefore no longer produced. Some pole numbers are still available from us. We are pleased to offer you the successor model: STE-VI-FPC05P-H10.

These are the common types usually available ex store:

STE-VI-FPC05P-H09-24-S-2-R-L - 24 pin
STE-VI-FPC05P-H09-31-S-2-R-L - 31 pin
STE-VI-FPC05P-H09-50-S-2-R-L - 50 pin


Following connector types could be substituted by the STE-VI-FPC05-H09 series:

Hirose: FH19SC-04S-0.5SH, FH19SC-05S-0.5SH, FH19SC-06S-0.5SH, FH19SC-10S-0.5SH, FH19SC-20S-0.5SH, FH19SC-24S-0.5SH, FH19SC-30S-0.5SH, FH19SC-31S-0.5SH

JAE: FA5S004HP2, FA5S005HP2, FA5S006HP2, FA5S010HP2, FA5S020HP2, FA5S024HP2, FA5S030HP2, FA5S040HP2

Molex: 54548-0471, 54548-0571, 54548-0671, 54548-0771, 54548-0871, 54548-0971, 54548-1071, 54548-1271, 54548-1471, 54548-1671, 54548-2071, 54548-2271, 54548-2471, 54548-3071

The following displays will be supported: N154C6 - L01, VGM128064B0Y05, M00489_VGM128064B0Y05

*ZIF = Zero insertion force

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