10 reasons for ES&SWhat are the reasons why you should choose ES&S?
We will name you 10!

10 reasons for ES&S

With a legacy of over three decades, our ES&S team serves as your adept partner. We develop and produce a solution tailored to your application – fast, flexible and of high quality. What else speaks for us? We will tell you this in 10 meaningful reasons!

  • 01

    Experience / Quality For over 30 years – Made in Germany!

    Many years of experience & numerous satisfied customers speak for us and make us a reliable partner within well-known companies. You can benefit from our large expertise and our very high aspiration of quality.

  • 02

    Fair prices / savings Top quality at a fair price!

    As a manufacturer we can produce for you and can also offer you the best possible and fairest price for your desired product.
    Make yourself the experience with our price performance ratio! You can count on the long lifecycle of our products!

  • 03

    Specialization We will find the ideal solution!

    We are also experts for unusual customer requests. There we are also able to be your correct contact partner. We offer you individual solution for your individual concept and specifically meet your requirements with the maximum flexibility.

  • 04

    Innovation management We will get the best possible results for you!

    Optimisation is not a rigid operation, what is once defined and completed.
    Optimisation is indeed a permanent flow, a process, which is always continuing! Future-oriented action & well thought out innovation management are only some strength of ES&S! We are working on our products to develop and improve them further. Our progressive, constantly optimised business processes guarantee smooth production processes, it continually facilitates our company growth and raises the custom satisfaction.

  • 05

    Quality standards We are certified!

    To ensure the top quality standards, to guarantee the safety of our products & also to make sure that the used materials are listed and traceable, so we are now certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2005. Furthermore we have products with several UL styles. Environmental protection is also very important for us, thus we are working according to environment management standard ISO 14001 as well.

  • 06

    Small quantity / sample building Small – but fine!

    Do you require your product in low quantity? We will realize and develop your ideas, also by producing in small series. In addition, you will get an impression of the quality of our products, and you would like to view your specialised product as a sample in advance? No problem! You can use our service of the prototype construction – with pleasure we also make your individual sample piece in the shortest possible period!

  • 07

    Express production Fast as lightening!

    Do you need our products in shortest possible time? No problem – You can use our service of express manufacture which we offer you for our entire cable assembly- and circuit boards- spectrum for particularly urgent orders.
    And, of course, we place the highest value on the quality of our product components for our express orders as well – Finally, the quality of our manufactured cable assembly is also a decisive factor for the quality of your end products.

  • 08

    proposal preparation / RMA consulting We verify each proposal preparation!

    Naturally our customer service includes a fast preparation of quotations. Besides of our creating offers and technical support, a smooth and structured processes of returning goods are as a matter of course at the customer’s disposition. Just fill in our RMA request form (Return Material Authorization) available on our Website.

  • 09

    Consulting / ExpertiseWe are at your service & we will be happy to advice you!

    ES&S, takes great care in competence, friendliness & availability! We are looking forward to support you, we will take our time and can be reached at any time! We support you individually, personally and with competence and experience on all technical matters.
    Your assigned expert adviser ensures a flawless communication and a smooth quick sequence.

  • 10

    Customer support Never out of sight – Never out of mind!

    Your satisfaction is always for ES&S our top priority! (Benefit from our service offerings). We aim to establish very long term relationship with our business partners. Our customer service therefore does not stop at the end of the delivery.
    We are also very interested in your satisfaction, even at a later date and we are always receptive for justified criticism. Our long-standing relations and solid partnerships with our customers give us the opportunity to keep improving ourselves continuously – FOR YOU!