Our certifications UL approvals AVLV2 & AVLV8 for cables and wires


UL approvals AVLV2 & AVLV8 for cables and wires (Appliance Wiring Material - Component)

ES&S produces your customized cable assemblies that are accepted by the UL AVLV2 and AVLV8 certification.

We offer wires with the following UL styles:

  • UL 20276
  • UL 21445
  • UL 21455

We manufacture cable assemblies with the above mentioned UL-versions according to your requirements. You provide us with your drawing and list all materials you require with their respective UL standards.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent organization that inspects and certifies manufactures and their products and production processes. UL checks products, components, materials and systems for their safety and determines wether they meet specific-requirements. 
 If this is the case these products may carry the UL mark.

Here at ES&S compliance with UL standard is checked on a quarterly basis to ensure that the used materials are listed and traceable.

Learn more about UL (Underwriters Laboratories): here

Information & Definition (traceability requirements): here

UL File No.: E481694