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We provide Printed Circuit Boards of up to 100 layers from selected suppliers worldwide. We do not only focus on the price. Here you will find PCBs from their concept and data preparation to their development and assembly – everything from one source.

Further categories

Data preparation
Data processing by CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is one of the most important steps in the circuit board production. The interpreted, controlled and modified data form the basis for the following manufacturing process for every circuit board manufacturer. We inspect your circuit board data and validate it as far as possible. By processing the data the manufacturing processes can be optimized in favour of the customer.
Our service
Our services are convincing. Make sure you are also convinced about us! We offer many services within the scope of our product range outside manufacturing standards. This could concern extended optical, electrical and mechanical tests. Layer thicknesses and materials testing are both equally available. Documentation of the manufacturing processes as well as polished micrographs and proof of soldering ability can be provided upon request.
PCB assembly
Here we would like to introduce our printed circuit board assembly to you. 
Get an impression of our assembly possibilities and service offers. Would you like to have printed circuit boards assembled to customer specifications? ... 
We know what we are doing - benefit from our: Know-how for complex boards, our variety of printed circuit boards, a design suitable for production, most modern production facilities and our customer-specific service! For more information, please visit our printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) website.
PCB surface
The main function of the PCB surface is to increase the wettability of the conductor pad as to the soldering. Non-chemical surfaces also have some other functions as e.g. to protect the copper below from oxidation and thus to extend the shelf life. We offer a choice of various surfaces as follows: ♦ HAL lead free ♦ chemical tin ♦ chemical gold ♦ chemical silver (on request). You will find more details concerning the different coatings below to help you to find the right surface for your PCB.
Quality guidelines
We only work together with suppliers, whose production corresponds to the worldwide recognised IPC guidelines in the area of circuit board production. These are detailed as follows: IPC-2222 - IPC-2223 - IPC-A-600 - IPC-SM-840 - IPC-TM-650 - IPC 4101 - IPC-7721 - IPC-2221. For drawings and orders without indications IPC-A-600 class 2, degree of complexity B is always applicable for ES&S.
Single- Multi-layer printed circuit
There are several different superstructures for circuit boards. The rigid area of circuit boards is divided into all kinds of superstructures made of standard FR4 materials with 35µm copper plating and soldering mask paint with ident print, special structures with aluminium layers for a better temperature distribution, higher copper structures of up to 105 µm, areas drilled by laser, special milled surfaces in Z-axis and various designs of the surface (tin/silver, HAL lead free, gold etc.
Flexible and rigid-flexible PCB
The application of flexible and flex-rigid PCBs (Starrflex) provides new options for engineers. The three-dimensional usability allows the design of new equipment generations… smaller, lighter, easier to assemble… because “fumbling around” will cause additional costs in the production and in the assembly. Reasonable solutions can reduce the time for assembly in spite of increasing prices for PCBs and thus result in a more favorable pricing… in your favor on the market. You would like to have your flexible or rigid-flexible printed circuit board assembled? No problem - this is possible at any time! Please do not hesitate to contact us! -> PCB ASSEMBLY