Our certifications UL approval ZPFW2 & ZPFW8 for cable assemblies


UL approval ZPFW2 & ZPFW8 for cable assemblies (Wiring Harnesses)

ES&S manufactures your custom cable assemblies according to the UL Wiring Harnesses ZPFW2 & ZPFW8 Certification. Our products are provided with the matching UL labels.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent US-based organization that inspects and certifies producers, their products and production processes. UL checks the safety of its products, components, materials and systems to determine if they meet these specific requirements. In this case, these products may carry the UL mark.

Here at ES&S, compliance with the UL standard is reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure that the materials used in each component are listed and that the date of manufacture is traceable. In addition, compliance with safety and quality standards is monitored.

You provide us with a drawing according to which we manufacture your desired cable product for you. Please also list all the materials you require with their corresponding UL standards. Please use our planning aid for cable assemblies according to UL ZPFW2/8 to create your drawing. This offers you assistance with all questions relating to the topic: Clear product description to obtain your label according to ZPFW 2 or ZPFW 8.

Learn more about UL (Underwriters Laboratories): here

Information & Definition (traceability requirements): here

UL File No.: E334300