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PCB assembly You would like to have printed circuit boards customized? …

Outsourcing is very common in electronics production today. ES&S choose an other path. We like to react very quickly to our customers wishes and also to be able to produce according to the “time in market” principle. At ES&S we have no production detours.

Modern production and manufacturing facilities allow us to produce medium and lower product quantities. We always produce the assemblies economically, flexibly and in excellent quality.


High-mix production environments are everyday life’s part nowadays. That’s why we apply a paste Jetter from MYCRONIC. This paste printer (Jetprinting System) helps us to implement these high-mix environments in perfect quality. Because we no longer use templates, we can reduce the reaction time to the start of the job enormously.



Our Essemtec SMD/SMT pick and place machine ensures the flexibility in production that we need for our assemblies and components. The assembly machine FOX is highly flexible and combines four machines in one: a chip mounter, a fine pitch mounter, a special mounter and, if necessary, a dosing machine.


Vapor phase soldering, also known as condensation soldering, is our modern way to solder our printed circuit boards. The uniform heating of the entire assembly (without soldering profile), even with different components and masses, is an advantage of this technique. Also we can do an oxidation-free soldering process without adding protective gases. This process step is simple, efficient and safe.


We use a EBSO selective machine for the THT area. The selective system offers a fast, reliable and process-safe alternative to traditional THT hand soldering or wave soldering. Even much complex requirements such as large multilayers with massive heat dissipation can be soldered by this system.


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