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Here we present foil cable solutions/FFC cables belonging to the group of flexible conductor cables. There is a wide range of applications as the cables are designed for many different wiring solutions in the modern electronic production. You will benefit from low costs and a fast availability of these products. There are permanently approx. 500.000 different types available from stock. Here you can find more information about our FFC cables, in our FFC flyer. You can also use our FFC configurator and put together your own FFC cable according to your wishes.

Further categories

FDC/EDC Flat-Display-Cable
FDCs (Flat Display Cables) represent a special category of FFC cables. For some connectors – literally designed for strand assembly or board-to-board technology – special series of extra versions have been developed which allow an adaption to FFC connectors. Thus an expensive cable assembly can be avoided.
FFC Flat-Flex-Cable
Foil cables are a very smart integrated circuit technology. They offer many advantages such as reasonable costs, low weight, high flexibility and a large number of contacts in small spaces. In this category you will find detailed information concerning the various deliverable options.
FFC with connector
In this category you will find FFC cables with matching connectors. We manufacture your own suitable FFC cable with matching connector according to your requirements and specifications, the FFC length is changeable and can be ordered on request.
Fitting FFC/FPC Adapter
Customized FFC adapter solutions in different designs. We manufacture special FFC adapters for FFC cables (Flat Flexible Cables) as well as suitable cables with matching connectors according to your requirements and specification.
Flex-Jumper - crimped
These cables allow to design competitive multi polar connections between assembly groups. We supply flex cables with connected contacts for soldering on or plugging in connecting plugs as well as jumpers which can be soldered directly on various designs.
Flex-Jumper - flexible PCB connector
The Flex Jumper is a flexible printed circuit connector for plug-in or soldering. The Flex Jumper shows a great flexibility, is space and cost saving. The Flex Jumper can be assembled with connectors or crimp contacts. There are nine different connector versions showing the characteristics of the pins – from type A with curved pins to type S with crimped pins. The following insolating materials are available: polyester, Nomex, Pen and Kapton. Available grids: 1 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.27 mm, 1.9 mm, 2.0 mm,, 2.54 mm, 3.18 mm, 3.81 mm, 3.96 mm, 5.08 mm