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As a cross product supplier in the electronic industry cable assembly is one of our core businesses. Even though the electronic industry tried to decrease the variety of interfaces and to down size the components during the past few years the variety of connectors and cables could not significantly be reduced. Thus the specialization of transmission characteristics results in a large variety of combinations.

Further categories

Data cable
The cables presented here are standardized cables produced according to your requirements and technical standards. Smaller series are produced in Germany, large series – from 250 or 500 pieces, depending on the cable type – are manufactured in the Far East. You can rely on our top quality management in that case.
Display cable
Display cables belong to our area of expertise. We supply any cable system required to operate industrial LCD-displays. TTL cables, LVDS cables, inverter cables backlight-/LED backlight cables or touch cables can be manufactured according to our customers’ requirements and specification. Furthermore all standard cable solutions (open one-sided) for LCDs and inverters are available from stock.
Coax cable
Coaxial- and micro-coaxialcables in the series RG178 / RG179 / RG174 / RG316 / RG223 / RG58 / RG59 / RG142 / RG400 / RG213 / RG214 can be offered in extensive configurations. Here are some designations of the most common connection methods:  H.FL / U.FL / BNC / TNC / SMA / SMB / MCX / MMCX / FME / I-PEX / IPEX / KEL, SSL etc.
Cable marking
Customized cable marking plays a major role nowadays. Due to extremely robust materials the marking of components such as strands and wires in various equipments and applications is feasible for many years. Since there is a growing demand for refitting and backtracking of various components we can offer you the following methods of cable marking:
Complete sets
We manufacture customer specific cables upon request and bundle them as full sets. Special labels (e.g. date of manufacture, series number etc.) and cardboard packaging materials can be provided. For economic reasons it often would be reasonable to already let embed the cables into devices or panels in our premises. Our team would be glad to support you.
Customized cable assembling
Your customer-specific cable assembly, designed and assembled according to your specifications. At any time customizable to changes in the application. Flexible and powerful cables and connectors.  
Tension reliefs and shrink hoses only provide limited protection as to buckling, tension, moisture and other environmental stress. Your products can be protected by applying a hot melt or low pressure casting mould to ensure a long lasting high quality level. Molded connections are space-saving ♦ individually moldable ♦ moisture-resistant ♦ dust-proof ♦ tension relieving ♦ shock-proof ♦ well-priced.
Here we present some proposals for solutions as to connecting cables of the protection class IP67. We can offer the following series: USB, RJ45, DSUB, MINI DIN, IEEE1394, DVI, RF-Koax. Since these products are manufactured exclusively in the Far East some series can only be offered for a minimum purchase of 500 resp. 1000 pieces.
Network cable
Network cables can be manufactured in different versions with CAT5 / CAT6 / CAT7 cables and connectors according to our customers’ requirements. Special solutions such as installation/assembly versions (patch panel) can be carried out upon request.
Ribbon cable
Grey and color-coded ribbon cables can be manufactured in the grids 0.635/1.00/1.27/2.00/2.50/2.54 mm using different processing technologies such as IDC/crimping/soldering. Special cables such as Ribbon-Twisted-Pair-cables or flat-round-cables are available for machining.
Round cable
Here we present our data and power supply cables in a soldered or crimped round cable design. Round cable assemblies are available in all types of cables and are produced according to our customers’ specification.
Crimped or soldered individual strands can be processed in different cross-sections (0.034 mm² - AWG32 to 6 mm² - AWG8) and materials such as PVC, ETFE, PTFE and silicone. The strands used do all have the necessary permits and approvals from DIN, VDE, CSA or UL. Depending on the electric strength and the temperature range the following UL styles can be offered: UL1061, UL1571, UL1007, UL1015, UL1431, UL3239, UL11027, UL11030