Polished section analysis We like to test all crimp products for you!

Polished section analysis We like to test all crimp products for you!

The serial production of cable assemblies and cable harnesses must meet the highest quality standards. Wear, temperature differences and tool or material changes can lead to quality defects. With the help of a polished section analysis these quality defects can be revealed – thus customer complaints and rejects can be prevented.


When creating a polished section analysis, the cable is severed at the crimping and the cut is polished plain. Subsequently crimp height and the number of braid cores are determined and evaluated. In addition, it is checked whether the crimp contact shows foreign bodies or air inclusions. We use this process daily in the running production to be able to guarantee perfect crimping quality.

We would be pleased to offer you a test and evaluation of crimp contacts in a range from 0.05 mm² to 16 mm². Take advantage of our service for our ES&S products as well as for the products provided by you.

The examination of the crimp polish is realized locally in our production. After a detailed consultation with you, we produce the crimp analysis and evaluate the images according to the criteria. Afterwards you will receive an extensive analysis from us. You will benefit from our many years of experience in manufacturing.

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