Our certifications UL certification ZPMV2 for printed circuit boards


UL certification ZPMV2 for printed circuit boards (wiring, printed components)

ES&S produces printed circuit boards according to UL certification: UL Wiring, Printed Components ZPMV2. Our printed circuit boards are generally manufactured according to an UL-certified procedure in accordance with ZPMV2 and fire protection class UL94/V0. In order to offer our customers as much comfort as possible, we have chosen to carefully inspect our suppliers and have them certified by UL specifically for our requirements under the UL File No.: E328445.

Our PCBs can be used for UL approved end products – thus the sale to the US is no longer a problem. The use of the UL number and the date code is basically free of charge for productions in the Far East. When manufacturing a printed circuit board in Germany, the production of the production film costs 25 euros. This also applies to orders for which a new date code or a new production film has to be created.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent organization that reviews and certifies manufacturers, their products and production processes. UL checks the safety of products, components, materials, and systems, and determines wether certain requirements are fulfilled. 
 If this is the case, these products may carry the UL mark.

At ES&S, compliance with the UL standard is reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure that the materials used in each component are listed and that the date of manufacture is traceable.

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UL File-Nr.: E328445