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Here you will find our adapters for PC drives, LCD displays, signal converters for TTL-LVDS, interface adapters and hard disks or memory card adapters. Get a general idea or just browse on our website.

Further categories

Drive adapter
Here we present our adapters designed to connect different drive interfaces such as SlimLine FD (Floppy Disk), adapters for SlimLine CD/DVD drives (IDE40/44), adapters for P-ATA (IDE40 & IDE44) and…
FFC/FPC Adapter
Customized FFC adapter solutions in different designs. We manufacture special FFC adapters for FFC cables (Flat Flexible Cables) as well as suitable cables with matching connectors according to your requirements…
Hard disk and storage disk adapter
Hard disk and storage disk adapters for nearly every application. We have developed some adapters designed for industrial applications to meet the high requirements in this sector and to provide…
Our display adapters for LCD technology – both analogue and digital. You will also find some of our ESDCI designs, TTL as well as LVDS adapters in our sub-categories.
Peripheral interface adapter
Here we present a small choice of our interface adapters P-ATA/PATA (parallel ATA), DVI, customized LAN, S-ATA/SATA, HDMI as well as USB adapters. We are specialized in the development of…
Signal converter TTL and LVDS
Small signal converters for TTL and LVDS displays facilitate the retrofitting and repair of older systems where displays and mainboards shall be replaced.