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Twin FFC

FFC cables are a reliable, robust and extremely flexible solution for connecting PCBs, making them ideal for demanding applications where space is limited. They also offer outstanding signal integrity and high resistance to vibration and bending.

We would like to introduce our Twin FFC. This special twin version enables the combination of two different FFC cables with different numbers of poles. One conditions is that both foil cables have the same pitch.

The transition area (called «gap») of this foil cable is 7 mm, the separation is 18.5 cm long in total. A one-sided separation of the cable is possible in order to realise a higher distance between the respective connectors on any side of the cable. The Twin FFC is also available in white.

Technical spezifications:

  • foil cable: 24+18 pins
  • pitch: 1.00 mm
  • insulation material: black
  • stripped at the same end
  • total length = 530 mm
  • UL 20624, 80 °C, 60 V


  • The twin foil cable can perform clean and fluid movements without two cables lying next to each other interfering with the movement sequence.
  • Combination with other special designs are possible (shielding, printing, folding, adhesive dots ...).
  • Excellent signal integrity and resilience to vibrations & bending.

We will be happy to realise your personal Twin FFC according to your specifications and wishes, whether in a shielded version, with folds, printing or with adhesive options. There are numerous possibilities, talk to us – we will be happy to advise you! 

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