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Adapter for mounting KONTRON LCD boards


This adapter is designed to establish a mechanical and electrical connection with KONTRON 886-LCD boards.

It has a very small panel thickness. The connection between ADA-886-LVDS and KONTRON LCD boards is provided by a special flexible 40-pin ribbon cable. The flexible ribbon cable can also be manufactured with a connector according to your specification (e.g. connector on LCD display).


  • connector board for KONTRON 886LCD Boards
  • suitable for:
    • 886LCD-M/Flex
    • 886LCD-M/ATX
    • 886LCD-M/mITX
  • very small panel thickness
  • C44-40 strip, 40 pin. R = 1.27 mm, suitable for A32-40 housing on DF13-40DP-1.25C, R = 1.25 mm

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