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MicroSD card with push-lock SD card slot


This FFC cable is used to extend SD card sockets. Simply insert an SD card into the socket at the end of the FFC cable and mount the socket on the extension in your device - as desired. The new mounting holes on the adapter facilitates the installation.

Our micro SD adapter is ideal, fits our SD card socket and can be ordered under the following article name: ADA-MICROSD-SDCARD. Here you can find more information.

This adapter is also suitable for service purposes, so updates and flash operations can be carried out locally without removing the mainboard if the socket is attached / mounted from below, for example.
Technical specifications:

  • side 1: micro SD card
  • side 2: SD card slot, push-lock slot
  • FFC, L = 250 mm (inline) L = 305 mm (outline)
  • SD card slot with two mounting holes, Ø 2.30 mm, M2 screw connection


The FFC cable is from stock available and can be ordered under the following article name:

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