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AWG30 wire UL1571

The special feature of this AWG30 strand is the very small outer diameter (Ø 0.55 mm). Packaging unit: 1 reel = 3050 m.

These braids are offered in six different colors:

  • red (order no.: LITZE-AWG30-UL1571X-RT)
  • blue (order no.: LITZE-AWG30-UL1571X-BL)
  • yellow (order no.: LITZE-AWG30-UL1571X-GE)
  • green (order no.: LITZE-AWG30-UL1571X-GN)
  • black (order no.: LITZE-AWG30-UL1571X-SW)
  • white (order no.: LITZE-AWG30-UL1571X-WS)

You need the strand in a different colour? No problem, other colours are of course possible on request.

Technical specifications:

  • outer diameter: Ø 0.55 mm
  • cross section: 0.056 mm² / AWG30
  • material: SR-PVC
  • temperature range: -10 °C to +80 °C
  • 30 V
  • UL1571

** Produced according to UL1571 standard - WITHOUT UL LABEL/CERTIFICATION ! **

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