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Backlight cable 3KV

The electric lighting of LCD displays is usually generated by high-voltage-operated very thin fluorescent tubes. For this application appropriate inverters (DC-AC) are necessary. Primarily DC voltages from 3.3V to 24V are supplied. Secondarily converters generate AC voltages from 600 V˜ and 1200 V˜ to operate the tubes. We assemble primary and secondary lines according to your requirements. Of course the new LED backlights are also supported by ES&S.

  • for primary wiring
  • for secondary wiring
  • in all standard UL-styles
  • if necessary also with high-voltage lines (3kV/6KV)

Here you get to our 3 KV single wire UL3239, we offer this also solo without connector. Please contact us. We would be pleased to support you.

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