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FPC with DF9 connector

With the FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) solution we can provide an alternative to FDC (Flexible Display Cables) besides EDCs.


  • flexible wiring possible
  • individual conductor width
  • comprehensible technique and thus reduced error rate
  • highly flexible
  • higher temperature resistance than FDC
  • cost-saving as to high quantities (as from 1000 pieces upwards) and small dimensions (50 – 200 mm)
  • not foldable as FDCs
  • cost-intensive in small quantities (less than 1000 pieces) and large dimensions (more than 300 mm)

If you are interested in this solution please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below you will find the range of our popular FDC31 versions which can also be produced in the FPC-process:

FDC31/0045BMF20, FDC31/0054CFZ24, FDC31/0055DFZ28, FDC31/0070AFF03, FDC31/0070AFF10, FDC31/0076AFF03, FDC31/0076BFF10, FDC31/0076BMF07, FDC31/0076BMF20, FDC31/0076BMM09, FDC31/0076CMZ21, FDC31/0100DMZ25, FDC31/0102AFF03, FDC31/0102AMF01, FDC31/0102BFF06, FDC31/0102BMF08, FDC31/0102CFZ23, FDC31/0102DFZ27, FDC31/0110BMF20, FDC31/0120BMF08, FDC31/0130AMF01, FDC31/0143AFF03, FDC31/0152AFF03, FDC31/0152AMF01, FDC31/0152AMF04, FDC31/0152BFF06, FDC31/0152BFF10, FDC31/0152BMF07, FDC31/0152BMF08, FDC31/0152DFZ27, FDC31/0152DFZ28, FDC31/0160BMF08, FDC31/0180BFF09, FDC31/0180BFF10, FDC31/0200AMF01, FDC31/0200BFF06, FDC31/0200DFZ27, FDC31/0203AFF03, FDC31/0203AFM01, FDC31/0203AMF01LI, FDC31/0203AMF13, FDC31/0203AMM02, FDC31/0203BFM08, FDC31/0203DFZ27, FDC31/0203DFZ28, FDC31/0205CFZ24, FDC31/0208AFF03, FDC31/0208BFF10, FDC31/0210AFF03, FDC31/0252BMF07, FDC31/0254AFF03, FDC31/0254AFF12, FDC31/0254AMF04, FDC31/0254BFF10, FDC31/0254BFM08, FDC31/0254CFZ23, FDC31/0254CFZ24, FDC31/0254DFZ27, FDC31/0280BMF08, FDC31/0300AFF03, FDC31/0300AMF01, FDC31/0300AMF01, FDC31/0300CFZ23, FDC31/0300DFZ27, FDC31/0320BFF06, FDC31/0320CFZ23, FDC31/0320DFZ27, FDC31/0325BFF06, FDC31/0350DFZ27, FDC31/0410BFF06, FDC31/0500CFZ24, FDC31/0700AFF10

These are the most popular FDC41 versions:

FDC41/0051CFZ24, FDC41/0051DFZ28, FDC41/0076AFF3, FDC41/0102AFF03, FDC41/0102BFF10, FDC41/0102CFZ23, FDC41/0102CMZ22, FDC41/0103CFZ23, FDC41/0105CFZ24, FDC41/0127DFZ28, FDC41/0152AFF03, FDC41/0152AMF01, FDC41/0152DFZ27, FDC41/0153CFZ23, FDC41/0180AFF03, FDC41/0203AFF03, FDC41/0203AFF06, FDC41/0203AMM02, FDC41/0203BFF06, FDC41/0203BFF10, FDC41/0203CFZ23, FDC41/0203CFZ27, FDC41/0203DFZ27, FDC41/0254AFF03, FDC41/0254BFF06, FDC41/0254BFF10, FDC41/0254BFM08, FDC41/0254CFZ24, FDC41/0355DFZ27, FDC41/0365AFF03, FDC41/0365AFF03, FDC41/0500AMF01, FDC41/055AFF3, FDC41/254BFM4, FDC41/254BFM8

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