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FFC for HIROSE FH41 connectors


This flexible flat cable is specially designed for use with the HIROSE FH41 connector. Our FFC has a 0.50 mm pitch and 30 pin connections. The side-catcher feature makes it perfectly suitable for the mentioned connectors. The conductive tracks are galvanically gold-plated, which guarantees optimal electrical conductivity in combination with the gold-plated contacts in the connectors. The aluminum foil provides excellent signal shielding.

Technical specifications:

  • FFC, 30 pins
  • pitch: 0.50 mm (+/-0.05 mm)
  • cross-section: 0.035 x 0.3 mm (+/-0.05 mm)
  • contact length: 2 mm (+/-0.05 mm)
  • reinforcement length: 6 mm (+/-1.50 mm)
  • contact thickness in the plug area: 0.3 mm (+/-0.05 mm)
  • total length: 65 mm
  • 80 °C, 30 V, AC, VW-1
  • UL 2896 certified

This FFC cable is particularly flexible due to the use of a 43 µ thick film. 

You need this foil cable in a different version or length? No problem, this FFC cable can be customised in all lengths on request. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

This cable is compatible with the following connectors: FH41-30S-0.5SH(05), FH41-30S-0.5SH(99), FH48-30S-0.5SV.

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