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FFC | pitch: 0.50 mm, 15 pol.


This FFC cable is an 87 mm long, 15-pin, both sides bared on same side, flat flexible cable with a 0.5 mm pitch with gold-plated contacts.

In a special process, the connector tracks are automatically galvanized on long rollers before the cable itself is made. This FFC cable is made of, tinned copper conductors, and it is shielded on one side from the bottom to the contacts of the matching connector.

Foil cable as 24-pole and 33-pole version are available on request from an order quantity of 250 pcs.
Foil cables and elegant connection technology offer many advantages, such as: low costs and high flexibility, great flexibility in a small space.

Aluminium-shielding and grounding area and Adhesive tape for Molex 502231 und 502244

Technical specifications:

  • FFC, stripped on the same side, 15 pins
  • pitch: 0.50 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)
  • aluminium-shielding and grounding area and adhesive tape for Molex 502231 und 502244 - total length: 87 mm
  • conductor: 0.05 x 0.32 mm
  • UL 2896 (80 ° C, 30 V)

This FFC cable fits the following Molex connectors:

Molex 502231-1500 0.50 mm Pitch Easy-On FFC/FPC Connector, For LVDS, 6.05 mm Height, Vertical Mount, ZIF, 15 Circuits Easy-on-Click system, standing

Molex 502244-1530 0.50 mm Pitch Easy-On FFC/FPC Connector, For LVDS, 2.33 mm Height, Right Angle, Surface Mount, ZIF, Bottom Contact Style, 15 Circuits, lying

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