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FFC for HIROSE FH41/FH48 | pitch: 0.50 mm, 50 pin


This FFC cable type is particularly suitable for the connector series of the manufacturer Hirose FH41 and FH48 (header) due to its punching out, the so-called “side catcher”.

Technical specifications:

  • number of wires: 50
  • pitch: 0.50 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)
  • cross sections: 0.05. x 0.32 mm (+/-0.05 mm)
  • contact length: 2 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
  • reinforcement length: 6 mm (+/- 1.50 mm)
  • contact strength in mating area: 0.3 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)
  • 80°C, 30 V, AC, VW-1
  • total length: 150 mm
  • UL 2896

FFC cables fit to Hirose conector series:

This FFC cable is also available in the length:
78 mm (FFC0.50A40-0074E-2-2-06-06-AU-SC-FH41)
350 mm (FFC0.50A68-0346E-2-2-06-06-AU-SC-FH41)
798 mm (FFC0.50A68-0794E-2-2-06-06-AU-SC-FH41)

This FFC cable is also available in a hot-melt variant. You are welcome to order this article under this article no: FFC0.50A50-0694E-2-2-06-06-AU-SC-FH41-HOT

In the hot-melt process, the screen is fused around the polyester substrate at a temperature of 150°C. This creates an irrevocable bond between the shield and the polyester carrier, giving the cable its characteristic flexibility.

Technical specifications:

  • FFC shielded, pitch 0.50 mm, 50 pin.
  • same side stripped, L = 700 mm
  • conductor 0.035 x 0.32 mm
  • UL2896 (80 °C, 30 V)
  • punched holes for Hirose FH41+FH48
  • gold plating + hot melt shielding with grounding

You need another length? No problem! On request, this FFC cable can be customized in all lengths. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Fits with the following LCD's: TX31D203VM0EAB

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