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The connector series Molex PicoBlade™ 51021 is  very popular and frequently used as an inverter connector on displays. For this reason there are many different types of this series available from stock.

The part numbers are composed as follows:


KAB -> cable assembling

51021 -> connector series

NN00 -> pin number, e.g. 0500 = 5 pin, 1000 = 10 pin

LLLL -> length, e.g. 0500 = 500 mm, 0750 = 750 mm

FK -> flat cable

Cables with this part numbers are unprocessed on one side. We can also quote and produce complete assembled cables according to your requirements.

Technical specification:

  • Wire: color coded flat cable, AWG28, UL2651
  • Contacts: 50079 (50079-8000, AWG26-AWG28), 50058 (50059 – 8000, AWG28 – AWG32)


Popular versions:


Fits with PCB headers: 53261-0390, 53261-0371, 53047-0310, 53048-0310, 53398-0371, 12505WR-03, MS24013, 3802-E03N, 3801-E03N, , 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P24013, Yeonho 12505HS-03, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters: INVC617



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-0490, 53261-0471, 53047-0410, 53048-0410, 53398-0471, 12505WR-04, MS24014, 3802-E04N, 3801-E04N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P24014, Yeonho 12505HS-04, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters:  PS-DA0117-01, GH006, GH081A,SIC121, INVC655, LD0101, PS-LD0301-027-B

Fits with the following LED backlight LCDs and camera: Pacific PK-365



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-0590, 53261-0571, 53047-0510, 53048-0510, 53398-0571, 12505WR-05, FE-00-204B, MS24015, 3802-E05N, 3801-E05N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P24015, Yeonho 12505HS-05, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters: CXA-0214, CXA-2081, CXA-L0505-NJL, CXA-K0505-NJL, CXA-L0512-NJL, CXA-L0524-NJL, CXA-L0605C-VJL, CXA-L0605C-VSL,CXA-L0612A-VJL, CXA-L0612A-VSL, CXA-L0624-VJL, CXA-L0712-VJL, CXA-M1212-RJL, PS-DA0104-01, PS-DA0105-01, PS-DA0105-03, PS-DA0105-07, PS-DA0129-01, PS-DA0129-02, PS-DA0129-03-E, PS-DA0129-04-E, PS-DA0250, GH025A, GH265A, GH265C, INVC191, DQS-0679, 95DBK150V5C0F, G150XG01 V2, FIF1011-01A, FIF1011-04A, FIF1011-12A, FIF1011-25A, FIF1021-01D, FIF1311-01B, FIF1311-03A, FIF1311-04A,

Fits with the following LED backlight LCDs and camera: LB064C02, LB104S01, HT10X21, HT12X21, HV121X03, HV121WX4LTA104S1-01, LB064V02, LB104S01, HT10X21, HT12X21, HV121X03, HV121WX4, Pacific PK245, Pacific PK265, Pacific PK-365



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-0690, 53261-0671, 53047-0610, 53048-0610, 53398-0671, 12505WR-06, MS24016, 3802-E06N, 3801-E06N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P24016, Yeonho 12505HS-06, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters: PS-DA0137-02, PS-DA0140-01, SIC133, INVC544, INVC569, INVC572, INVC659, INVC695, FC02-12-03, PS-LD301-029, PS-LD301-032, PS-LD301-038, PS-LD301-039, PS-LD0304-x, PS-LD0302-1-(S), PS-LD0301-028-B, PS-LD0301-085, FIF1542-32A

Fits with the following LED backlight LCDs: G065VN01, LT084AC37000, LTA057A343F, LT084AC37000, LT104AC36100, LT104AC36000, LT121AC25500, LT121AC33W00,  LT104AD18900, LTA084C271F, LT104AC36100, LT065AC57200

Fits with the following displays: OT084ISUDLV-00, OT084ISUDLV-02, OT084ISUDLV-03, OT084ISWDLV-00



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-0790, 53261-0771, 53047-0710, 53048-0710, 53398-0771, 12505WR-07, MS24017, 3802-E07N, 3801-E07N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P24017, Yeonho 12505HS-07, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters: CXA-0373, CXA-374, CXA-0375, CXA-0454, CXA-L0605A-VJL, CXA-L0605A-VSL, CXA-P1212A-WJL, CXA-P1212B-WJL, CXA-P1212C-WJL, CXA-P1212D-WJL, CXA-P1212E-WJL, PS-DA0203, PS-DA0253, CE-1077, DQS-0438, VNR08C351, CXA-16012PJ102, CXA-26012PJ103, CXA-26012PJ104, PS-LD0602-1-015(S), PS-LD0602-2-025(S), PS-LD0602-2-025(S), PS-LD0602-004, FIF1222-31A,

Fits with the following LED backlight LCDs:  LTA104S1-01



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-0890, 53261-0871, 53047-0810, 53048-0810, 53398-0871, 12505WR-08, MS24018, 3802-E08N, 3801-E08N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P24018, Yeonho 12505HS-08, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters/displays: CXA-0308, CXA-0320, CXA-0321, CXA-0326, CXA-0338, CXA-0368, CXA-0395, CXA-0420, CXA-0437, CXA-0463, CXA-0543, PS-LD0101, PS-LD602, PS-LD301, PS-LD304, INVC526, INVC583, 55PW131, 65PW061, 84PW031, 84PW041, 104PW161, 104PW191, PS-LD0101, PS-LD301-027, PS-LD301-020, PS-LD301-028, PS-LD301-029, PS-LD301-031, PS-LD301-032, PS-LD301-038, PS-LD301-039, PS-LD301-044, PS-LD301-063-B, PS-LD301-085, PS-LD0301-1(S), PS-LD0301-2(S), PS-LD0304-x, PS-LD0602-004, PS-LD0602-021-B, PS-LD0602-023, PS-LD0602-1-015(S), PS-LD0602-2-025(S), PS-LD0605-02, PS-LD0801-030-(S), PS-LD0801-045-(S), TM070JVHG33



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-0990, 53261-0971, 53047-0910, 53048-0910, 53398-0971, 12505WR-09, MS24019R, P24019, 3802-E09N, 3801-E09N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P24019, Yeonho 12505HS-09, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters:  CXA-0359, 121PW181

Fits with the following LCD Display: G190EG01-V1, G190EAN01.0, G190EAN01.1, G190EAN01.2, G190EG01 V1, G190EG02 V1



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-1090, 53261-1071, 53047-1010, 53048-1010, 53398-1071, 12505WR-10, MS240100, 3802-E10N, 3801-E10N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P240100, Yeonho 12505HS-10, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters: CXA-0345, GH001, GH112A, PS-LD401-081, PS-LD401-082, PS-LD401-089, PS-LD0401-1-150(S), PS-LD0401-2-110(S), PS-LD0403-1-120(S), PS-LD0403-2-060(S), PS-LD0609-049, PS-LD0609-051, PS-LPL0801-01, PS-LD1601-x, PS-LD0801-030-(S), PS-LD0801-045-(S), FIF1521-03D, FIF2064-31A, FIF2064-31B, FIF2066-45A

Fits with the following LED backlight LCDs: LGD LB104V03, LB121S02, LB121S03, T-51639D084JU-FW-A-AB, T-51750GD065J-FW-ADN, T-51513D104JU-FW-A1AC, G084SN05, AA084VC03, HT150X02, LM150X08, LM150X06, LM151Xxx, HT15X15-D01, HT15X15-D00, LQ150X1-LW71, LQ150X1-LW72, LTA150XH-L06, LTM150XH-L06, HT15X15-D01, HT15X15-D00, LQ150X1-LW71, LQ150X1-LW72, LTA150XH-L06, LTM150XH-L06

Fits with ES&S adapter: ADA-91209-01011-51021-1000



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-1190, 53261-1171, 53047-1110, 53048-1110, 53398-1171, 12505WR-11, MS240110, 3802-E11N, 3801-E11N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P240110, Yeonho 12505HS-11, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters or other equipment: 150PW231, FTP-644NCL001, FTP-624DCL



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-1290, 53261-1271, 53047-1210, 53048-1210, 53398-1271, 12505WR-12, MS240112, 3802-E12N, 3801-E12N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P240112, Yeonho 12505HS-12, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters:  PS-DA0408, GH007, GH012, GH017, GH027, GH040, GH053A, GH115A, GH140A, GH317A, GH184A, GH163A, BL15012044-06, VNR12C285, GH184A, GH523A(A12), FIF1544-03B, FIF1566-31A, FIF1742-32A, FIF1742-32C, FIF1742-34B, FIF1742-39A, FIF1742-40A, FIF1766-31A, FIF1766-34A, FIF1742-45B, FIF1942-32C, GH765A, GH766A, GH714A, GH765A, GH523A

Fits with the following LED backlight LCDs: HSD150MX19, HT15X15-D01, HT15X15-D00, LQ150X1-LW71, LQ150X1-LW72, LTA150XH-L06, LTM150XH-L06, HT190WG01, M190PW01, M190A1-Lox,

Fits with the following displays: JH215WLPNN,



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-1490, 53261-1471, 53047-1410, 53048-1210, 53398-1471, 12505WR-14, MS240114, 3802-E14N, 3801-E14N, 3802K

Equivalent to: STM P240114, Yeonho 12505HS-14, Entery H201K



Fits with PCB headers: 53261-1590, 53261-1571, 53047-1510, 53048-1510, 53398-1571, 12505WR-15, MS240115, 3802-E15N, 3801-E15N

Equivalent to: STM P240115, Yeonho 12505HS-15, Entery H201K

Fits with the following LCD backlight inverters: GH089A, GH096A, GH103A, FIF2166-01A

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