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Flat ribbon/round cable with HIROSE DF13 connector


The connectors of the HIROSE DF13 series are very popular and often used on the new embedded boards as LVDS/TTL interface. Therefore we do have all popular types on stock.

The part number is composed as follows:


KAB   = Cable assembling
DF13  = Connector series
NNDS = Pin number, e.g. 40DS = 2 x 20 pin
LLLL  = Length, e.g. 0500 = 500 mm, 0750 = 750 mm
FK      = Flat cable

These cables are unprocessed on one side and may be assembled by the user. We also offer completely assembled cables according to our customers’ requirements.

Technical specification:

  • Wire: Color coded ribbon cable, AWG28, UL2651
  • Contacts: DF13-2630SCF (AWG26-30), DF13-2630SCFA (gold plated)

Popular versions:

fits with PCB header: DF13-10DP-1.25V

fits with PCB header: DF13-12DP-1.25V

fits with PCB Header: DF13-20DP-1.25V
fits with controller board: PCM-3353, WSB-945, EMB-852

fits fit with PCB Header: DF13-30DP-1.25V
fits with controller board: PCM-8120

fits with PCB Header: DF13-40DP-1.25V
fits with controller board: PCA-6751, PCM-3346, D2703, LS-372, LVDS-05, VL001-P, SH7780, PCM-5894


KAB-DF13-40DS-31POL-0500FK – Ribbon cable, previous order no.:  KAB-DF13-40DS-0500FK

KAB-DF13-40DS-40POL-0500RK – Round cable
Passend für Stiftleiste: DF13-40DP-1.25V
Passend für Controller Board: PCA-6751, PCM-3346, D2703, LS-372, LVDS-05, VL001-P, SH7780, PCM-5894

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