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The Hirose DF19G-20S-1SD LVDS display connector is the industry standard for LCD panel connections (panels under 12 inches). It provides high performance and is specifically designed for high speed LVDS differential signals.

We offer you the DF19 display connector ready plugged with a space saving flat micro coaxial cable. The flat coaxial cable and the low profile DF19 connector fits perfect for a smaller space requirement. Compared to the DF19G-20S-1C crimp type, the DF19G-20S-1SD micro coax type offers another advantage: It ensures a trouble-free operation and EMC problems are minimized because each individual wire is shielded.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: DF19G-20S-1SD *coax type*
  • side 2: DF19G-20S-1SD *coax type*
  • flat micro coax cable: strands AWG 36, L = 300 mm
  • 1:1 assignment
  • electr. 0,3A/100V
  • temperature range: -10 °C to 80 °C
  • weight: 5.3 g

You wish to have the cable in a different length? No problem! Your customer-specific length can be produced on request.

We can also offer you the assembly of this cable as well as the production of the complete ready-to-connect cable as a sample quantity. Please contact us. We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

This cable fits to the following pin headers:

DF19G-20P-1H, DF19K-20P-1H, DF19L-20P-1H, DF19KR-20P-1H, DF19-20P-1V, GT100-20P-LS-SMT, CNT245-20221, CNT245-20211, HS89200, HS90300, IP100-C20O-C15, 20268-020E, P24013P20, MSB24013P20HA, MSB24013P20A, 20230-020B-F, 20230-T20-F, 20230-W20B-F, 107A20-0021RA-G3-R, 20268-002-12, CP100-S20G-H16

The following displays will be supported:

B084SN02, B084SN03, B104SN02, B104SN02H, B121EW01, B121EW01V1, B121EW03, B121EW04, B121EW07V0, B133EW01, G065VN01, G070VW01, G084SN02, G084SN03, G084SN03V0, G084SN03V2, G084SN05, G084SN05V, G084SN05V1, G084SN05V1, G084SN05V2, G104SN02, G104SN03, G104SN03V1, G104SN03V2, G104SN05, G104VN01, IAUX61, IAUX61F, IAXG02C, ISTX88, LB104S01, LB104S01-TL01, LB121S03, LB121S03-TL01, LC300W01-C5, LP104S5-C1, LP121WX1, LQ201U1LW11Z, LTA104S1-L01, LTD121C32S, LTD121C33S, LTM07C388, LTM08C351L, LVM104XSB-01, LVM121XSB-411, LVM121XSB-411-L01, PD035VL1, PD064VL1, LP104S5C1, LTA121C250F, LTA121C33SF, LT104AC36100, LT084AC37000, LTA084C271F, G104SN02V1, LT084AC37000, LT104AC36100, LT104AC36000, T121AC25500, LT121AC33W00, LT104AD18900, LTA084C271F, TM104SDH02, AM-800600M3TNQW, AM-800600LTNQW, LTA104D182F, LT089AC29000, LT121AC33W00, LT104AC36100, LT065AC57200, 97G104S2N2F-2, 97G084S5N5F-2, AM-640480G2TNQW-TA0H, AM-800600K7TMQW-TA1H, VGG804808-6UFLWC Rev. 3, G084SN05 V9, AM-800600M3TNQW-T02H, G104SN02 V2, AM-1024768TTMQW-00H, DLC0700ZZG-T-2, HT12X12-100, ATM0800L3B, ATM1040L3A-T, G104AGE-L02, TCG101WXLPAANN, AM-1024600K2TMQW-T02H, TCG101WXLPAANN-AN20, TCG121WXLPAPNN-AN20, DLC0700FDG-T-2, GKTW70SNCE1EL, GKTW70SCDJ4S0, AM-1024768T1TMQW-T30H, G104S1-L01, AM-1280800P2TZQW-00H, TCG101WXLPAANN-AN20, OT070MADDLV-10, OT070MADDLV-11, OT070MADDLT-14, OT084ISUDLV-00, OT084ISUDLV-02, OT084ISUDLV-03, OT084ISWDLV-00, LQ084S3LG03, G101STT01.0, FX1001P1DSSWMG01, G104STN01.0, OT104BSWDLV-H0, G150XTN03.5, G150XTN03.6, G150XTN06.0, AM-1280800P3TZQW-00H, G084SN03V3, G084SN03 V3, G084SN05 V904, G084SN05V904, G104SN03 V5, G104VN01 V1, G133IGE-L03, AM-640480G4TNQW-A0H, AM800480R3TMQW-ACH, AM-800600C4TMQW-A1H, AM-800600M3TNQW-02H-A, AM-800600K7TMQW-A1H, AM-800600K2TZQW-00H, G104AGE-L02, TCG121WXLPAPNN-AN-65, TCG101WXLPAANN-AN20, AM-800480RJTMQW, NL192108AC10-01D, AM-1280800P3TZQW-10H, AM-1280800P4TZQW-T00H, GKTS80MNFG1E1, GKTS80SNBI2ED, GKTS80SNIF1E0, GKTS80SPCL1R0, IDK-1108R-45SVA1E, GKTV57NNBG1E0, G065VN01-V221, G104VN01-V111, TCG058WXLPBVNN-AN30, G070VW01 V012, TM104TDGP10-00

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