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Discover our high-quality Dual LVDS cable assembly designed specifically for your demanding requirements. This precision-engineered cable offers premium performance and reliability for your applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Side 1: DF19-30S
  • Side 2.1: DF19-30S
  • Side 2.2: Ring terminal, 3.2 mm
  • Round cable: LVDS 15x2xAWG30, beige
  • Certification: UL20276
  • Length: 210 mm (+5/-10 mm, external)


  • Precise assembly: Our LVDS cable assembly has been manufactured with the highest precision to ensure interference-free data transmission. You can rely on the quality and accuracy of our product.
  • High-quality materials: We only use high-quality materials to ensure the durability and performance of this cable. The LVDS round cable is made of 30 AWG wires and offers reliable signal transmission.
  • Secure cable lug: The 3.2 mm ring cable lug on Side 2.2 ensures secure electrical connections and optimises cable performance. Cable lugs connect shields to components, promote safety, minimise interference, maintain signal quality, especially in sensitive applications such as data transmission, and provide easy-to-maintain earthing options.
  • Versatile application: This LVDS cable is ideal for a wide range of applications where reliable data transmission is required. It is perfect for use in industrial, medical, and other demanding environments.
  • UL certified: With UL20276 certification, this cable meets the highest safety standards and provides you with added peace of mind in your application.
  • Flexible and robust: Thanks to its flexibility and robustness, this cable is easy to handle and withstands the stresses of daily use.

Trust in our experience and quality. This product has been carefully crafted to meet your requirements while providing reliable performance. If you need a customized solution, we are here to advise and gladly implement your individual LVDS cable assembly. Feel free to contact us, especially if you are seeking a solution for your DUAL-LVDS display.

These following displays will be supported: ETM070018EDHA, ETM070018EDRA

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