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This cable set allows a quick and easy connection between a display with a connector of the FI-R series and a graphics board connector of the same series. The special mechanical locking system ensures a tight fit in this application. Thus this cable is perfectly suitable for robust applications. We supply a FFC cable with a shield of aluminium and 2 identical connectors compatible with FI-R series on both sides.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: FI-RE41 gold plated, with special mechanical locking, grid = 0,50 mm
  • side 2: FI-RE41 gold plated, with special mechanical locking, grid = 0,50 mm
  • FFC cable with aluminium shielding on one side
  • configuration 1:41
  • contact resistance: max. 40 M ohm
  • EMI controlling (electromagnetic interference) due to a protective layer on the FFC and a metal shell on the connector.
  • operating temperature -40°C ~ +80°C, UL2896
  • suitable for the latest generation of high speed transmissions

This cable is also available in 51 pin version on request. We offer both versions in different lengths (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 800, 1000 mm).

This cable fits with the following headers:

FI-RE41S-HF, FI-RE41S-HF-J-R150, FI-RE41S-HF-R1500, FI-RE41S-HF-SS-R1500, FI-RE41S-HFA-R1500, FI-RE41S-VF-J-R130, FI-RE41CL, FI-RE41CLS, FI-RE41HJ, FI-RE41-FTS, GT05L-41S-H38, 187059-41221, MSAKS24020P41, IS050-C41B-C39-A

This cable fits with the following housings:
PKS24020P41, kompatibel zu JAE FI-RE Serie,

The following displays will be supported:
LC420WU1, LC470WU1, LTI520HB01, LTI570HH, LTI570HH-L01, LTI700HD01, LTI820HT, NL192120AC25-02, T370HW01, T370HW02, T370XW02, T420HW01, T420HW02V0, LTI400HA03, LTA320HA02-001, LTA400HA07, LTA460HB07, LTI520HB01, LTI570HH-L01, LTI570HH-L01, V420H1, V470H1, V562D1, V570H1, V520H1, LD520WU1, LD420WUB, LC370WUN, LK315D3LA17, LK315D3LZ73Y, LK370T3LZ7KZ, LK400D3LA33, LK400D3LA43, LK420D3LA4, LK460D3LA43, LK520D3LA13, LK520D3LA53, LK520D3LA63, LK520D3LA73, LK520D3LZ13, LK520D3LZ33, LK558Z3LA1P, LTI400HA02, LTI460HA02, LTI550HF02, LK520D3LZ89, V470H1-L03, P645HW04V0, T260HW02V1, P650HVN01, LD320EUN-SEM1, LC260EUN-SCA1, LM238WR2-SLA1, LM238WR2-SLC1, G240UAN01.0, G240UAN01.1, LM265SQ1-SLA1, G270ZAN01.0, G270ZAN01.1, G286HAN01.0´, LM290WW2-SSA1, LM310UH1-SLA2, LQ315D1JG93, LQ315D1VG01, LD320EUN-SEM1, LD320DUE-FHB1, M320QAN01.0, CLAA123FCA1

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