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This wiring harness offers you the possibility to establish a connection between a display with a connector of the JAE FI-S series and a graphics board easily and quickly. You get delivered a Twisted Pair roundcable with 20 assembled crimp contacts and the suitable connector housing. The second side is unfinished - just cut off. You are able to assemble the connector considering to your cable plan to get an optimal function and allocation of pairs to achieve the signal structures. This cable suits for samples and smallest series very good.


  • ex stock availability
  • individual assembling possible
  • different lengths available on short call
  • shielded
  • with Twisted Pair
  • adapted for LVDS and DVI
  • this cable will be delivered unstucked with connector housing added (see fig. 3 and 4)

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: connector FI-S20S-TW (compatible with JAE) with crimpcontacts FI-C3-A1-15000, unstucked enclose
  • side 2: unprocessed, just cut off
  • 20 pin roundcable, twisted pair, AWG28, shielded, l = 500 mm
  • UL2560
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 29.1 g

We are also able to offer you samples of the full assembled ready to use wiring harness. We would be pleased to submit you a non-binding offer.

This cable fits to the following pin headers:
076B20-0048RA-G4, FI-SEB20P-HFE, FI-SEB20P-HF13E, FI-SEB20P-HF13RE, FI-SEB20P-HF10E, FI-SEB20P-HF16RE, 20186-020E-11F (I-PEX), 20197-*20U-F (I-PEX), FI-SEB20P-HF13E-E1500, TU1213HNO-20, TU1213WNR-20S

The following displays will be supported:
AT104SN01, AA104SG01, AA106TA01, AA121XH03, AA121XH05, AA142XC11, LP141XA, LQ121S1LG41, LQ121S1LG61, LQ121S1LW01, LQ121S7LY01, LTN141P4, NL8060BC21-11F, NL10276BC12-02, NL10276BC13-01C, NL10276BC16-01, NL10276BC20-04, NL10276BC20-07, NL10276BC24-13, NL10276BC24-13C, NL10276BC30-10, NL10276BC30-24D, NL6448BC20-21C, Nl6448bc-20-21d, NL6448BC20-21D, NL6448BC26-08D, NL6448BC33-63C, NL6448BC33-63D, NL8048BC19-02, NL8048BC24-01, NL8048BC24-04, NL8060B31-28D, NL8060BC21-02, NL8060BC21-03, NL8060BC21-04, NL8060BC26-30C, NL8060BC26-30D, NL8060BC31-41C, NL8060BC31-41D, T-51756D121J-FW-A-AA, T-51866D121J-FW-A-AA, T-51944D104J-FW-A-AA, T-52017D121J-FW-A-AA, T-52017D121J-FW-A-ABN, T-55105D121J-FW-A-AAN, T-55105D121J-FW-A-ABN, TX31D56VM2AAA, TX38D55VM1AAA, TX39D55VM1BAA, LQ104S1LG61, LQ084S3LG01, LQ104S1LG21, LQ104S1LG31, LQ121S1LG41, LQ121S1LG61, SP0835E, NL6448BC26-15, G070Y2-L01, G121X1-L03, T-55466D084J-LW-A-AAN, NL8060BC21-11C, LQ121S1LG62, PD080SL2, TX23D38VM0CAA, G070Y2-L01, LQ121S1LG81, T-55694D106J-LW-A-AAN, NL10276BC20-18, AA121SM02, NL8060BC26-35D, TX26D12VM0AAA, AA080MB01, AA084XB11, AA121TD01, NL6448BC33-71D, AA090MF11_02_00, TX18D200VM0EAA, THC63LVD823B, NL8048AC19-13, AA104XF12-DE-02, AM-1024768GTMQW-T00H, NL10276BC24-21, TCG104VGLP*ANN-AN*25, TCG104VGLP-ANN-AN-25, TX31D45VM, AA104VJ12, NL8048AC19-14F, NL8048AC19-13, AA070ME01-DA1, TX18D204VM0BAA, TX18D200VM0eAA, AA090TB01-DA2, TM070JVHG33, TCG104XGLPAPNN-AN4, NL12880AC20-20D, NL12880AC20-14D, NL12880AC20, G121EAN01.3, OT121ZSDDLN-00, LQ121S1LG84, LQ121S1LG86, LQ121S1LG88, AM-1024768ZTZQW-00H, CLAA121XA02DW, AA065VE11ADA11, TX38D25VM0CAA, TX38D25VM0CAB, G121AGE-L03, G121S1-L02, G121X1-L04, AM-800600MTMQW-A4H, TX38D25VM0CAA-3, G150XGE-L04, G150XTN03.1, TX26D200VM2BAB, NL10276BC20-18C, TCG121XGLPBPNN-AN40, LQ104V1LG81, TCG121WXLR, NL128102AC26-01, NL6448BC33-71C, TX31D200VM0BAA, TX23D200VM0BPA, AA070TA01ADA11, G121XCE-L02, ETML1010G1DKA, TX26D207VM0AAA, TX20D200VM2BAB, TX26D200VM5BAA, TX20D207VM0AAA, TX23D202VM0BAA, TX23D203VM0BAA, NL6448BC20-30F, NL6448BC20-30D, NL6448BC20-30C, TM070JVHG33-01, NL8048BC19-02C, NL10276BC16-06, NL8048BC24-12, NL8048BC24-09, TM101JDHG32-00, TM101JDHG32-01, NL10276BC20-18F, NL12880BC20-07F, NL8060BC31-51C, TX16D207VM0BAA, TX20D208VM0BAA, TX20D208VM0BAB, TX18D211VM0BAA , TX18D212VM0BAA, TCG104VGLACANN, TX26D211VM0BAA, TX26D211VM0BAB, ADB18211, ADB18212, TX31D207VM0BAB, TX31D207VM0BAA, TX20D207VM0AVA, P1040XGF1MA00, TX18D216VM0BAA, TX18D216VM0BAB, TX27D201VM0AAB, TX27D201VM0AAA, TX16D207VM0BPA, NL6448AC18-11D, TCG121XGLPAPNN-AN20‎, TCG121XGLPAPNN-AN30, DD-0700-ME01, DD-0700-MC01, DD-0700-ME11, DD-0840-XE01, DD-0840-XE11, P0650VGF1MA00, P0650VGF1MA10, P1210XGF1MB00, TX18D216VM0BAC-2, G121STN02.1,TX27D200VM0AVB, P1210XGF1MA01, P0800WVF1MA00, COM121H9M21SSS, COM121H9M18SSS

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