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With this cable set you have the possibility to establish a fast connection between a display with a FI-X30H/HL connector or a compatible connector of your choice and any graphics card connector.

We supply a twisted pair round cable with 30 mounted contacts and two unplugged LVDS suitable JAE connectors. Two plugs of the FI family, one with a lockable latch lock and one without lock. The second side of the cable is unedited. You can equip the corresponding chambers of the supplied empty housing with contacts according to your individual cable plans. So you can achieve the optimum function to your signal structures.

This cable is especially suitable for samples and small series.

Our cable set KAB-FI-X30HL-0500RK-TW replaces our predecessor cable sets KAB-FI-X30H-0500RK and KAB-FI-X30HL-0500RK.

If you have any questions or need help – Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: Plug connector FI-X30H/HL or compatible, unplugged (with mounted contacts JAE-FI-X-C3-1-15000)
  • side 2: unprocessed
  • round cable, twisted pair, AWG30, shielded, L = 500 mm, beige
  • UL 20276
  • temperature range: 0 °C to 80 °C
  • weight : 24.4 g


  • cable set can be equipped individually
  • cable is offered unplugged with enclosed sockets
  • lockable (HL version) with latch closure
  • immediately available from stock
  • other lengths are available at short notice
  • shielded
  • with Twisted Pair
  • suitable for LVDS and DVI


Suitable products for the FI-X30H or FI-X30HL connector with latch closure:

This cable fits to the following pin headers:
FI-XB30SRL-HF11, FI-X30S-HF-NPB, A1006-WR-S-30P, CNTH243A30123, CNT243A3011, CNT243C3011, GS23302, MDF76K-30S-1H, GT101-30S-H16, 915-001-1008R, 093G30-B0001A, 093E30-000220-G4, 093F30-B0B01A, IP100-C30B-C15, IS100-C30B-C15, IS100-L30O-C23, HS100-L30N-N23, FI-X30C2L, MSBK240TP30, GS23302-0311R-7H, MSCKT2407P30HB, AL230F-A0G1D-P, CI1406SL000-NH, WF-13-422-3033, 187098-30091, 187114-30091, MDF76-30P-1C, SM30B-LD-YGS-10, WL 1058-HL, GT101-30S-HR11, GS23302-0311R, WL 1058-H, JS-1267-30, GT103-30S-H23-E2500

The following displays are supported:
G215HVN01.0, M156BGE-L10, B141PW01, B150XG02, B170UW02, IAQS80, IAQS80F, IAQX10, IAQX10M, LB064V02, LB064V02, LB064V02-A1, LB104V03, LB104V03-A1, LB104V3, LC230W02, LC230W02-A5K1, LC230WX3, LC260WX2, LC300W01-A3, LC300W01-A5, LC320W01, LC370W01-A5, LC370WX1, LC420W02, LC420W02-AK, LC420WX5, LC550W01, LM170E01, LM170E01-A5, LM170E01-LTA1, LM170E02, LM170E03, LM171W02, LM181E06A4M1/D4, LM190E01-C4, LM190E02-A4, LM190E03, LM190E03-B4, LM190E05, LM190E05-SL02/03, LM190E06, LM190E08, LM190E3-B4K1, LM190WX1, LM201U02-A3M1, LM201U03-A3, LM201U04, LM201U04-A3, LM201U05, LM201W01, LM201WE03, LM201WE2, LM220WE1, LM260WU1, LM300W01-A3, LM300WQ3, LP133WX1, LP133WX2, LP141WX1, LP141WX3, LP150E05/E06, LP150X08, LP150X09, LP154W01, LP154WP1, LP154WX4, LP171WP4, LQ190E1LX31, LQ201U1LW21, LQ255T3LZ19, LQ315T3LZ28, LQ315T3LZ49, LTM170E6-L04, LTM170EU, LTM170EU-L01, LTM170EU-L21, LTM170EU-L31, LTM190E1, LTM190E1-L01/L03, LTM190E4-L01, LTM190EX, LTM190EX-L01, LTM190M2, LTM213U6, LTM213U6-L01, LTM240M1, LTM240M2, LTM300M1, M170EG01, M170EN05, M190PW01V0, M201UN02, M201UN03V0, N150P2-L04, N150P3-L04, N150U3, N150X4-L01, N150X4-L14, NL128102BC29-01, NL128102BM29-05A, NL12810BC29-10, NL10276BC24-19D, UMSH-8013MD, UMSH-8013-1T, UMSH-8013MD-2T, T104X1D2, T200XW02, T315XW02, T460HW01, TX43D55VM0BAA, TX43D57VC0CAA, TX54D13VC0CAA, TX80D17VC0CAC, LQ190E1LW01, LQ190E1LW41, T260XW01VM, D420WXN, C370WXN, LC320WXN, LK315T3LA31, LK315T3LA33, LK315T3LA51, LK315T3LA53, LK315T3LA57, LK315T3LZ93, LK315T3LZ94, LTM170ET01, G170EG01, M190A1-L0A, G104X1-L01, AM-1024600BTMQW, G220SW01, G185XW01, HV150UX1, LQ070Y3LG4A, LM230WF3-SLB1, LM215WF3-SLA1, LQ121S1LG71, LB121S03-TL03, G104X1-L04, G104X1-L03, HSD190MEN5, LC170WXN, LTM230HT05, G190EG01-V1, LB070WV8-SL01, LD101WX1, M170EGE-L20, P270HVN01.0, M215HGE.L21, LM270WF5, DLF_DLH1975, FG100451DSSWNG01, G156BGE-L01, LB070WV8, M236HJK-L5B, G170EG01V1, LD101WX1-SL01, TCG070WVLRPCGD118, AM1024600L2TMQW-01H, NL192108AC18-02D, IDK-2121W, G150XTN06.1_rev1.0, G240HW01, AM-800480D2TMQW-TA0H, G104XVN01.0, OT104EXWDLV-H1, OT104KXWDLV-00, G121EAN01.0, G121EAN01.1, G121EAN01.2, G121I1-L01, OT121ABWDLT-03, OT121ABWDLV-H0, OT121ZBWDLV-00, LQ121K1LG59, G150XTN06.1, G151EVN01.0, G156HAN02.1, G156XTN01.0, G156XTT01.1, G156XW01 V1, G156XW01 V3, OT156CBWDLT-00, LQ156M3LW01, G170EG01 V1, G170ETN02.0, LB170E01-SL01, G173HW01 V0, G185HAN01.0, G185XW01 V0, G185XW01 V1, M185XTN01.2, G190EAN01.0, G190EAN01.1, G190EAN01.2, G190EG01 V1, G190EG02 V1, G190ETN01, G190SF01 V0, M190PW01 V8, LB190E02-SL02, LB190E02-SL03, LB190E02-SL04, LQ190E1LW52, LQ190E1LW72, LQ190E1LX75, LQ190N1LW01, G220SVN01.0, G230HAN01.1, LM230WF3-SLD1, G238HAN01.0, G238HAN01.1, G238HAN01.2, LM238WF1-SLE1, G240HW01 V0, G240HW01 V1, LM240WU8-SLE1, LM240WUA-SSA1, LM270WF5-SLN2, CLAA104XA02CW, CLAA104XA01CW, CLAA104XA12BW, TM070RDSG12, G156XTT01V1, G185XW01V201,G150XVN01.1, G185XW01V2, VGG107603-0TMLWD, VGG107603-0TMLWC, VGG128005-0TMLWB, VGG107606-6UFLWA, VGG137601-2UFLWA, G185BGE-L01, M238HCJ-L31, G215HVN01.0, AM-1024768FTMQW-05H, AM-1024600L3TMQW-01H, AM-1280800J3TZQW-00, G170ETN01.0, G170ETT01.0, T216XW01, LC200WX1, LQ197V3DZ89, CLAA102NA0BCW, G190EG02 V0, M240HW01 V6, G240HW01-V0, M215HGE-L21, DLH1768‐ENN‐G11, DLF1768‐ENN‐A11, TCG070WVQEPNN-AN20, AM-800480D2TMQW-TA_0H, LQ185M3LW01, G185XW01 V201, G215HAN01.2, M200HJJ-L20, LM238WF1-SLK1, M230HCJ-L3N, G260JJE-L07, M220ZGE-L20, G238HAN01.3, P270HVN01.1, G215HAN01.201, P215HAN02.0, G156BGE-L03, R190EFE-L51, R236HFE-L30, M195FGE-L20, M215HJJ-L30, G170ETN02.1, LQ156T3LW03, M280HKJ-L30, G190EAN01.5, M200HJJ-L20, LM238WF1-SLK1, G190EAN01.3, G121ICE-L02, G121ICE-L01, M236HJJ-L31, G185HAN01.1, R190EFE-L62, V580HJ1-LE6, M230HCJ-L3N, LQ190E1LX75T, G215HAN01.2, NL12880AC16-01D, G238HAN01.3, G260JJE-L07, G156BGE-L03, LQ190E1LW02, ETML1010K6DHA, EJ101IA-01G, EJ101IA-01D, DV215FHM-NN0, G215HAN01.3, G215HCJ-L01, EV238FHM-N11, MV230FHM-N10, MI210UT-1, ETML1210G0DRA, NL10276AC30-53D, NL128102AC29-17, LM215WFA, G240HW01V1, G215HVN01.3, JIC-192FILXXNL000-01, G156HAN02.3, G170ETN03.1, TM156VDSG17, OT070ZGWDLV00, G070ACE-L01, P215HAN01.2, G104XCE-LH, G070ACE-LH3, G156HAN04.0, LM270WF7, PH128800T003-ZFA, PH128800T003-ZFC01

The following boards will be supported:
NUC5I5MYBE-INTEL NUC BOARD, aStone A9r2 - armstone A9r4

Connector identical in construction to:
FI-X30SSL-HF, FI-X30C2L, WL 1058-HL, MDF76-30P-1C, IS100-L30O-C23, 187034-30091, FCI10061851, MSBK2407P30, A1001HS0-30P, DS100-230-H23, DS100-330-H23, DS100-430-H23, P-TWO 196479-40041-3, JS-1266, JS-1276, GT103-30P-CS

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