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I-PEX CABLINE VS series, cable for high speed LVDS applications especially for LCD display control.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: 20453-040T, pitch = 0.50 mm
  • side 2: 20453-040T, pitch = 0.50 mm
  • round cable AWG40, micro-coax, configuration 1:1
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 11 g


  • standard cable length L = 500 mm
  • 40-pin connector, pitch 0.50 mm, two-sided
  • flat design, counter part on PCB with maximum height of 1.00 mm
  • reliable shielding by metal frame
  • mechanical detent towards shock and vibration

This cable is also available in a 50 pole version. You can order the article under the following order number: KAB-I-PEX-20453-050T-0500-1:1-ROUND. In addition, the I-Pex cable is also available as a flat ribbon cable with different numbers of poles. We can offer a 20 pole version on request. Flat ribbon cable e.g. 40 poles: KAB-I-PEX-20453-040T-0500-1:1-FLAT

We can also offer customized solutions upon request. Please contact us. We would be pleased to submit you our non-binding offer.

Are you looking for accessories for your I-PEX connector of the CABLINE®-VS series? Do you want to fix and lock your connector on your PCB or your board? How about a Pull Bar (I-Pex part number: 2576)?

40 pin I-Pex cable:

Series compatible with: JAE HD1P040MA1, TE 5-2069716-3, STARCONN 111B40-1210TA-G3, Hirose KN38-40S-0.5H, KN38B-40S-0.5H, CSTAR LS050-W40B-H10-G

Matching connectors: STM MSAK24025P40, PK24025P40, FOXCONN GS13401-1110A-7H, JAE HD1S040HA1, STARCONN 111A40-0000RA-G3, I-PEX-20455-040E, ACES 50473040, I-PEX-20455-030E, I-PEX-20455-020E, UJU IS050-L40B-C10, STARCONN 300E40-0010RA-G3, I-PEX 20455-040E-12R

Matching pin headers: F62240-H1210A, MSAK24025P40G

Matching displays: B101AW01 V1, B125XW01-V0, N156BGE-L21, B156HW01-V3, TVL-55682D101U-LW-I-AAN, G101EVN01.0, B173RW01_V3, B173RW01, B156HW01 V3, N156HGE-L11_V3.0, DLF1095‐ENN‐A01, UMOH-9113MD-T_V0, HSD101PWW1-A, G101ICE-L01, TM101DDHG01-00, M101GWN9R2-2, T101UB01D02, T101VB01D01, TM101JDHG30-00, AM1280800N3TZQW-00H, G101EVN03.0, G101STN01.4, OT101CBWDLV-01, OT101CBWDLV-02, GKIGA1VNGE1E0, ET101000DH6, ET101000DM6, CLAA123FCA3, CLAA123FBA1, CLAA101NC05, CLAA133UA01, CLAA101WJ02, CLAA101WH32 CW, G101EVN03.1, G101EVN01.5, G101STN01.0, G101STN01.2, G101STN01.4, G101STN01.6, G156HCE-L01, NL192108AC13-02D, NL192108BC18-06F, TM101JDHG30-00, OT101DBWDLTH0, G156HCK-L01, G101ICE-L03, G156HAB01.0, TX34D200VM0BAA, NL192108AC21-01, AM-19201200B1TZQW-T51-A, AM-19201200B1TZQW-00-B, AM-19201080D1TZQW-A1H, AM-19201200G2-T50, LP156UD3, G150XAB03, LP156WFD, G170HAN01.1, B133HAK01.0, TM101JDHG38, PT1280101E-ILMFW-EMC04, MTD1010CZK, MCT101E0W1280800LMLIPS, CH101CLHL-001, LMT101DNLFDW, HY-070MRLA0, NV184QUM-N21, G101EAN02.2, G170HAN01.0, AM-1280800WJTZQW, EV156FHM-N12, PH102600T005-ZAA, PH102768T001-ZAA, PH128800T004-ZFA, PH128800T004-ZFM, PH128800T004-ZZA01, PH128800T004-ZZC06

Matching eDP™ displays: B116XAN04.1 HW0A, N173DSE-G31, NL192108AC18-01D, LP156UD1-SPA2, B140XTK01.0, B173ZAN01.0, G156HAN01.0, B116XAN02.3, LP156UD1-SPA2, LTM340YP01, LQ133T1JW19, B156HAN03.0, LQ133T1JW14B, VVX16T020G00, LP140QH1-SPA2, LP140QH1-SPB1, B156XTN05.2, N116BGE-E42, B156XTN05.1 , LQ133T1JW14, LQ133T1JW01, LQ133T1JW02, LP125WH2-TPH1, NV116WHM-A20, B133HAN04.0, B156HAK01.0, B133HAB01.0


50 pin I-Pex cable:

Fits for displays: B101UAN02, B101UAN02.1, B101UAT02.2, B101UAN01.6

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