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KEL cable assembly of the USL series with pitch 0.4 mm, cable especially designed for high speed LVDS applications/LCD display control.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: 30-pin IDC connector, straight with pitch 0,4 mm
  • side 2: 30-pin IDC connector, straight with pitch 0,4 mm
  • strands AWG42 wrapped with acetate tape, Micro-Coax, configruation 1:10


  • standard cable length L = 150 mm
  • 30 pin. connector, pitch 0.40 mm, bidirectional
  • extremely small design, counter part on PCB with max. installation height of 1.00 mm
  • safe screening via metal frame
  • mechanical detent to avoid vibrations and impacts
  • the applied cable is a micro-coaxial AWG42
  • customized solutions on request

Mating connector: USL00-30L

Fits for Sony HD Kamera: FCB-EH3150 und FCB-EH6300

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