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This wiring harness allows a quick and easy connection between a display with a Hirose connector DF19G in 30 pin and any other graphic boards connector of the series ACES 87219, 30-pin or 40-pin (compatible with JST SHDR series).

We supply a round cable, 30-pin with Hirose connector DF19G for side 1. For side 2 we deliver two ACES connectors 87219-3000 and 87219-4000. The round cable has crimp contacts on both sides and is delivered unplugged.

The contacts can be easily assembled in the corresponding housing chambers according to your design to obtain an optimum function and allocation of the pairs to the signal structures.

This cable is particularly suited for samples and small series.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: Hirose DF19G-30S
  • side 2: ACES 87219-3000 and 87219-4000 (UL94V-0) compatible with JST-SHDR
  • both sides unplugged, 30-pin, high flexible round cable, Ø = 7.1 mm
  • twin stranded, AWG28, shielded, length = 500 mm
  • weight: 31.95 g


  • samples available from stock
  • assembling on both sides according to customers requirements
  • available in various lengths
  • shielded
  • twisted pair
  • suitable for LVDS
  • this cable is delivered unplugged on both sides with matching housings!

We also offer the assembly of this conductor as well as the complete ready-for-connection cable (on one side or on both sides according to your requirements) in small quantities. Please contact us for further information. We would be glad to submit you our non-binding offer.

This cable fits for the following plug connector:
DF19G-30P-1H, DF19K-30P-1H, DF19L-30P-1H, DF19KR-30P-1H, DF19-30P-1V, GT100-30P-LS-SMT, CNT245-30221, CNT245-30211, MSB24013P30, IP100-C30O-C15, 20268-030E

This cable supports the following displays:
LQ084S3DG01, LTM084P363, LTM08C351, LTM08C351S, NL10260BC19-01D, NL160120AC27-22B, NL160120AM27-13A, NL160120BC27-02, NL160120BC27-10, NL160120BC27-14, NL160120BM27-03, NL160120BM27-03A, NL12876AC18-03, G104S1-L01, G133HAN01.0, VGG804818-6UFLWM, VGG106002-6UFLWH, VGG128004-5TSLWG, VGG128004-5TSLWH, VGG128004-5TSLWI, VGG106002-6UFLWE, NL160120AC27-32

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