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This cable set is designed for a quick and easy connection between a display with a connector of the Hirose DF9 series and any other connector of a graphics board (double rowed with grid = 2 m).

We supply 31 strands with an already mounted DF9-31S-V connector on side 1. The second side is unplugged, it only has assembled crimp contacts including two matching 2002-2x22P housings.

Thus you can assemble the contacts in the housings according to your cable layouts and obtain an optimum function to the signal structures.

This cable is especially suited for the prototype construction, samples and very small quantities.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: DF9-31S-1V(16), embedded, unplugged
  • side 2: 2002 25x2 pin/22x2 pin grid 2.00 mm, double rowed, unplugged
  • 31-pin strands AWG28, UL1571, length = 500 mm
  • housings included: STE-2002-2x22P and STE-2002-2x25P
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 22 g


  • small quantities available from stock
  • individual assembling on one side by customer possible
  • various lengths available
  • this cable will be supplied unplugged with two alternatively matching housings

We also offer the assembling of this cable as well as the manufacturing of a cable ready-for-connection (according to your cable layouts). Please contact us. We will be pleased to submit you our non-binding offer.

This cable is suitable for the following pin headers:
STE-2002-2X22P, STE-2002-2X25P, DF9B-31P-1V, DF9A-31P-1V, DF9C-31P-1V, DF9-31P-1V, DF9MA-31P-1V

This cable supports the following displays:
AA065VB01, AA084VC02, AA084VC043, AA084VC05, AA104VC01, AA104VC02, LQ064V3DG01, LQ065T9DR51, LQ065T9DR53U, LQ065T9DZ03, LQ084V1DG21, LQ104V1DC31, LQ104V1DG11, LQ104V1DG21, LQ104V1DG51, LQ104V1DG52, LQ104V1DG61, LQ104V1DW02, LQ10D368, LQ10D421, LQ64D343, LTM10C209A, LTM10C210, NL4823BC37-05, NL6448AC33-46, NL6448BC20-08E, NL6448BC20-14, NL6448BC20-20, NL6448BC26-01, NL6448BC26-03, NL6448BC26-09, NL6448BC26-09C, NL6448BC26-22F, NL6448BC33-31, NL6448BC33-46, NL6448BC33-50, NL6448BC33-53, NL6448BC33-54, NL6448BC33-59, NL6448BC33-64, NL6448BC33-64C, NL6448BC33-74, PD064VT1, PD064VT4, PD064VT5, PD104VT1, T-51513D104JU-FW-A-AC, T-51513D104U-FW-A-AB, T-51638D084-FW-A-AA, T-51638D084J-FW-A-AA, T-51638D084J-FW-A-AC, T-51639D084JU-FW-A-AB, T-51639D084U-FW-A-AA, T-51750GD065J-FW-A-AA, T-51750GD065J-FW-AB, V16C6448AC, LQ104V1DG62, TX17D01VM2CAA, G104V1-T03, TX17D01VM2EAB, TCG104VG2AA-G00, G104V1-T03, NL6448BC33-70F

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