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This cable is designed for the extension of an USB wire and for mounting the female connector to a panel or case. Various lengths are available from stock.  A customized version can also be produced.

Technical specifications:

  • Side 1: USB type A female with flange UNC4/40 thread
  • Side 2: USB type A male
  • Wire: 1P+2C+2B, AWG24+28, black color, l = 1000 mm
  • UL 2725
  • weight: 52 g

This cable is available in various lengths:
KAB-USB-A-F-USB-A-M-0500SW (l =  500 mm)
KAB-USB-A-F-USB-A-M-1800SW (l = 1800 mm)
KAB-USB-A-F-USB-A-M-3000SW (l = 3000 mm)

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