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With this USB3.0 cable is an dust-proof and flush mounting housing realisable. An extra pronounced frame on the female side (see pic. 3) ensure that the application is dust-proof. The flush with the housing  is achieved through 2 mm offset of the USB connector  type A female.



Technical data:

  • side 1: USB connector type A female, 2 mm OFFSET with flange (slot 28.5 mm bis 30.5 mm)
    for frontpanel up to 2 mm
  • side 2: USB connector type A male 
  • USB3.0 wire: AWG28 / 24, outer diameter 5.5 mm, blue
  • UL 2725


USB cable are normally available ex stock in following lenghts: 

Our part-no.:
KAB-USB3.0-PANEL-A-0300RK-OFF2.0 =   300 mm
KAB-USB3.0-PANEL-A-1000RK-OFF2.0 =  1000 mm


An alternativ part is KAB-USB3.0-PANEL-A-0500RK. This Part is dust-proof but not flush mountable.


Available for order:


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