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high flexible shielded special LVDS cable with extra small outer diameter, RoHS compliant.

This wire allows to assemble very small crimp contacts of the series: JAE FI-X-C3-1-15000 and HIROSE DF19-2830SCFA.

Technical specifications:

  • 5 up to 50 pairs (10 up to 100 pins)
  • all wires twisted pair
  • shielded
  • PVC jacket
  • color grey
  • outer diameter cable 5.2 mm with 5 pairs up to 9.9 mm with 50 pairs
  • outer diameter single wire 0.58 mm
  • UL 20276

This cable is available in a customized version or by the meter. We are looking forward to submit you our individual quotation.

This wire is available with the following numbers of pairs:

LTG-07/0.127-05P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (5 pairs)
LTG-07/0.127-08P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (8 pairs)
LTG-07/0.127-10P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (10 pairs)
LTG-07/0.127-13P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (13 pairs)
LTG-07/0.127-18P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (18 pairs)
LTG-07/0.127-20P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (20 pairs)
LTG-07/0.127-25P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (25 pairs)
LTG-07/0.127-34P-VX10-SV/20276.OKI (34 pairs)


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