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Special cable for the transmission of DUAL LVDS signals with an overall screen. This LVDS special cable is especially suitable for a highly flexible and robust application – furthermore it is suitable for drag chains.

Technical specifications:

  • 30-pin 2 x 15-pin twisted pair)
  • AWG28 (30/0.05) tinned copper wire conductor
  • single conductor - core diameter = 0.58 mm +/-0.05 mm
  • FEP jacket outer diameter = 8.2 mm +/- 0.2 mm
  • UL20276 ( -10°C to 80°C, 30V)
  • oil resistance
  • shielding by braid drain wire
  • color matt black
  • packing unit 100 m
  • suitable for drag chains
  • sliding: 20 millions bending
  • bending: 20 millions bending
  • twisting: 20 millions bending

Cable also with 10 pairs (20-pin) with an outer diameter 7,7 mm +/- 0,02 mm available on request.




*The data are based on defined test conditions.
(The number of bending cycles represent only reference data and are no guaranteed minimum value.)

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