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Micro RF coaxial connectors from I-PEX

ES&S offers you individually manufactured cable assemblies with micro RF coaxial connectors from I-PEX.We can assemble the complete range of MHF connectors for you. Micro RF coaxial connectors, with their robust, compact and above all space-saving design, are suitable for numerous applications.

Small plugs - big performance

Our micro RF coaxial connectors are ideal for use in electronic equipment or on printed circuit boards where space is limited, and deliver outstanding performance. We offer you the high-quality, easy-to-assemble and high-performance miniature connectors for flexible, semi-flex and semi-rigid cables and for use on printed circuit boards. Snap-on, push-on and screw connections are used as locking principle. The printed circuit board types are available as solder or press-fit types. 

Versatile application - high component density

RF connectors are used in numerous applications, whether in military, aerospace and aeronautical communications, radar systems, antennas, wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, M.2 and M2M modules for notebooks, infotainment systems for vehicles or in Bluetooth and broadband communications. RF connector assemblies are used in all industrial applications that require a robust and reliable connection system while maximizing performance in the smallest space. 

I-PEX has added MHF® 7 and MHF® 7S to the MHF product line. Now 5G-mmWave and Sub-6 applications are possible. Large devices include NBPC, Small Cell and CPE applications and require long cable harnesses for signal transmission. The new MHF® 7 connectors solve many of the unique challenges in 5G devices. MHF® I and MHF® 4L support data transmissions up to 9 GHz, 12 GHz and are suitable for Wi-Fi 6 transmissions with higher speed and higher capacity.

The MHF series - a series with numerous options

Depending on the MHF connector type, the outer diameter of the cable ranges from 0.48 mm (MHF® 5), 0.81 mm (MHF® I, MHF® III, MHF® 4L, MHF® 5, MHF® 5L) to 2.0 mm (MHF® I). Different height profiles are available, from small connector types as required in telephones, tablets and notebooks to ruggedized solutions for shock and vibration environments, and multiple pad layouts are possible. 

MHF® I LK and MHF® 4L LK offer an additional locking function, suitable for applications where it is important to maintain a continuous connection, such as drones, fleet management, asset tracking, security and personnel monitoring. PCB clip system improves EMC shielding. In addition to high-quality spring materials, mainly gold-plated surfaces are used, thus keeping contact resistances low and guaranteeing reliable signal transmission.

The solderless, patented i-Fit® connection technology from I-PEX is the heart of the MHF connector series. Soldering processes are no longer necessary, the connector is plugged together. The i-Fit® method eliminates the variability of the solder and thus increases the reproducibility and precision of the electrical performance.

We can process the following micro HF coaxial connectors:

Electrical properties:

  • Voltage: 60 V AC per contact
  • Characteristic impedance: 50 mΩ
  • Contact resistance: max. 20 mΩ
  • Dielectric withstand voltage: min. 200 V AC
  • Insulation resistance: min. 500 MΩ

Are you looking for a customer-specific solution? We would be happy to create your I-PEX cable assembly with your customer-specific configurations and meet your specific design requirements. You need help with your planning, there are numerous possibilities, please contact us! 

For more detailed technical information please have a look at the attached PDF and visit our I-PEX category, here you will find cable assemblies with I-PEX connectors.

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