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MOLDING | Casting of cable assemblies

We're here for you when it comes to electronics that need protection! Regardless of various external influences! We'll find the right solution for you!

When we talk about component protection, we're not just referring to the traditional protective functions, such as protection against light exposure, temperatures, dust, foreign objects, acids, or moisture. We go a step further and aim to find solutions where potting directly forms the housing of the respective component. Feel free to take a look at our sample photos for this. Additionally, potting serves electrical insulation, i.e., increasing voltage resistance and touch protection, as well as fixing parts together, enhancing mechanical stability, vibration and shock resistance.

Molded connections are:

  • space-saving
  • customizable
  • cost-effective
  • moisture-resistant
  • robust against dirt
  • strain-relieving
  • shock-absorbing

We offer a wide selection of 2K epoxy resin adhesives in various viscosities for potting, and we also process them in-house. To remain cost-effective and flexible, we've outsourced the production of hotmelt modeling potting (hotmelt moulding) to the Far East. This allows us to provide you with competitive prices and top-notch processing solutions. Trust in our processing expertise and benefit from our global reach to meet your requirements to the fullest.

Need a custom solution? No problem! We're here for you and would be happy to provide guidance. Feel free to reach out to us without any obligation!

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