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Not only multilayer - but also multicolor!

The biggest part of the printed circuit boards is colored green as a standard. In some applications it would be useful to choose a different colored solder mask.



  • for a better distinction of the sample – and serial production
  • where LEDs are operated ( recommendation: black and white PCBs due to light reflection)
  • PCBs are a matter of design as to the end product
  • PCBs should reflect the corporate identity

If you have already taken this idea into consideration do not hesitate to contact us.

With the help of our Far Eastern suppliers we can offer you a wide range of colored solder masks. Among others we can offer you the following colors: orange, red, blue, black and white.

Your company logo can also be integrated with the assembly print upon request.

You require a color which is not listed? You would like to include your company logo in your PCBs?

Just contact us! We would be glad to assist you!

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