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OKIFLEX Twisted Pair Ribbon Cable from OKI – (formerly: 3M™, 3782 Series)

This flat ribbon cable from OKI has a twisted pair construction consisting of 2-core wires twisted around each other. The construction is made up of bonded flat and non-bonded twisted pair sections, making this cable suitable for fixed wiring where it can be flexibly bent. 

OKI's flexible ribbon cable is ideal for internal hardwiring, for example, of computers, peripherals, communication devices and office equipment. 

Furthermore, this product is environmentally friendly. The insulation does not contain specific bromide flame retardants (PBDE, PBB) or heavy metals such as Pb, Cr6+, Cd or Hg. In addition, the cable complies with the RoHS standard, which restricts the use of certain toxic substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


Technical specifications: 

  • twisted pair OKIFLEX flat ribbon cable (Series 3782), twisted pair, coloured
  • pitch: 1.27 mm
  • cores: 28 AWG, 7 x 36 AWG (7 x ø 0.127 mm), tinned copper strands
  • outside diameters: 1.00 mm
  • UL 20591
  • bonded section: 50 mm
  • twisted section: 200 mm
  • insulation material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • RoHS compliant
  • temperature: up to 80°C, 150 V

Electrical characteristics:

  • voltage rating: 300V (USA), < 50 V (EU)
  • contact resistance: ≤ 222 Ω/km (20 °C)
  • insulation resistance: ≥ 10 MΩ-km (20 °C)
  • withstand voltage: AC 1500 Vrms/min
  • electrical capacitance: 44 pF/m
  • flammability class: VW-1

Further electrical properties can be found in the enclosed data sheet. 



  • flexible ribbon cable, allowing for easy installation
  • twisted pair cable prevents interferences
  • colour-coded cores for easy identification

This flat ribbon cable from OKI is identical in construction to the earlier flat ribbon cable from the manufacturer 3M™ (Series 3782). You can obtain the OKIFLEX cable from us under the following order number: FBL-xxF-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI. The "xx" stands for the pole variants (25 pairs = 50 pole cable = FBL-50F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI). We offer the ribbon cable in a 5 to 32 pair version.

We can offer you the following pole variants of the OKI ribbon cable:

  • 3782/ 5P - 270A = FBL-10F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/ 8P - 270A = FBL-16F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/10P - 270A = FBL-20F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/13P - 270A = FBL-26F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/15P - 270A = FBL-30F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/17P - 270A = FBL-34F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/20P - 270A = FBL-40F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/25P - 270A = FBL-50F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/30P - 270A = FBL-60F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI
  • 3782/32P - 270A = FBL-64F-1.270-AWG28-TPFLEX-N4-250-OKI

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