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PCB assembly

We can assemble, we can solder, we can cast, we can assemble, we can test, we can ESD, we can precise, we can fast, we can quality, we can assemble according to your wishes!

Here we would like to introduce our printed circuit board assembly to you. Get an impression of our assembly possibilities and service offers.

Would you like to have printed circuit boards assembled to customer specifications? ... We know what we are doing - benefit from our:

Know-how for complex boards,
our variety of printed circuit boards,
a design suitable for production,
most modern production facilities and
our customer-specific service!

We also offer our circuit board assembly in small series. In addition, you can also take advantage of our fast prototype assembly. For more information, please visit our printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) website.

Our services of printed circuit board assembly:

  • electronic production of prototypes, small series or medium series
  • demand-oriented procurement of printed circuit boards, components or their storage
  • printed circuit board layout (PCB layout), CAD and CAM
  • single & double-sided printed circuit boards, multi layer, flexible and rigid-flexible printed circuit boards
  • printed circuit board surfaces that we can process: HAL lead-free, electroless nickel-gold plated (ENIG), electroless tin plated, OSD
  • housing and device mounting
  • casting technology for components
  • device assembly, mechanical processing
  • washing and cleaning of assemblies (removal of flux residues)
  • ESD compliant packaging, logistics
  • individual lot sizes are possible
  • printed circuit board assembly:
    surface mount technology (SMT), surface mounting
    through hole technology (THT), push-through mounting
  • we orient ourselves on the following quality guideline or rather acceptance criteria:
    IPC-A-610 - acceptance criteria for electronic assemblies
    IPC-J-STD-001 - requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies
    IPC-7711/21 - rework, modification and repair of electronic assemblies
    IPC-A-600 - acceptance criteria for printed circuit boards
    IPC-6012 - rigid PCB qualification and performance specification
    RoHS compliant

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