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This DisplayPort™ connector is exclusively designed for ES&S and only available from us. This unique connector is equipped with a high-quality, robust and EMC-tight aluminium metal hood. We offer the metal housing in a silver anodized version.

DisplayPort™ is a universal connection standard, standardized by the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), and is used as a digital interface for the transmission of video and audio signals. In contrast to HDMI, which is mainly used in TV and multimedia devices such as beamers, game consoles and DVD players, DisplayPort™ is mainly used in information technology, i.e. in PCs, notebooks, tablets and monitors in general. In the fields of PC technology, digital displays and consumer electronics DisplayPort™ has more high performance features than any other digital interface.

Our connector with solder pads is suitable for cables with an approximate wire diameter of 5 mm. The maximum data transfer rate is 17.28 Gb/s. Resolution UHD-1 (4 K Ultra HD) and MST (Multi Stream Transport) are supported (3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz.) Multiple independent video streams can be transmitted and multiple monitors can be connected via a single DisplayPort™ connection.


  • DisplayPort™ male connector, 20 pin
  • Housing: Aluminium AL6061
  • completely shielded, milled, anodized (silver)
  • suitable for cables with a diameter of approx. 5 mm

What is included in the delivery?:
Aluminum housing upper part, aluminum housing lower part, aluminum push button, brass clamp, 2x screw lens head Torx TX6, 2x screws countersunk head Torx TX6, DisplayPort connector  

We also offer this connector in a pre-assembled version. Click here for the article: KAB-DP-VM-M-DP-VM-M-xxxxxRK. Do you still have questions? We are happy to advise you, please contact us!

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