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Technical specifications:

  • multi-pin connector - 51 pins
  • two rowed
  • SMD
  • lead-free
  • 0.5 mm pitch
  • board to wire connector
  • board side receptacle
  • angled to the right

Other series of the Manufacturer: JAE connectors

Fits for following displays: LC32DUE-SFR1, P420HVN02.1, LTI750HF01-V0, P290IAN01.0, P430HVN01.1, P550HVN03.2, P650HVN04.0, S290AJ1-LE1, S290AJ1-LE2, P460HVN03.1, M315DJJ-K30, P420HVN03.1, P650HVN03.0, P650HVN05.1, P320HVN04.1, S400DJ1-KS5_V1, S580DJ2-KS5, S750DK1-K02, P460HVN04.3, LD420EUN-UHA3, M315DJJ-K31, P370IVN03.0, S500DJ2-KS5, LTI460HF01-V, S400HJ6-LE8_C2, P550QVF06.0, M280DGJ-L30, P320HVN02.0, S500HJ1-LE8, P420HVN02.1, LTI750HF01-V0, LTI550HF04, P650QVF03.0, LD320EUN-SLM1, LD550EUN-UHA3, S290AJ1-LE2, P460HVN02.1, P370IVN01.0, S290AJ1-LE2, P460HVN03.1, P420HVN03.1, P550HVN06.0, P650QVF02.0, P370IVN04.0, P370IVN04.1, P460HVN05.0, P550QVN06.3, P550HVN06.6, P650QVN06.0, M320QAN02.0M320QAN02.1, M320QAN02.5, M320QAN02.6

Matching crimp contacts: FI-RC3-1A-1E-15000 + FI-RC3-1B-1E-15000

Suitable crimp socket: FI-RE51HL

Suitable pin headers: FI-RTE51SZ-HF , 187059-5122, 115E51-0000RA-M3-R

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