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Connector series of the manufacturer HIROSE

Get an overview of the current series of the connector manufacturer HIROSE Electric Co., LTD

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Board-to-Board for example with the following series:

  • DF12, DF15, DF16, DF17, DF18, DF23, DF26, DF30, DF40, DF9
  • DF59 (Board-to-Board und Board-to-Wire)
  • FX1, FX10, FX11, FX12, FX2, FX2M6, FX4, FX5, FX6, FX8, FX8C
  • GT9
  • IT1
  • MA18, MCN51, MDF14A, MDF7
  • PCN10, PCN10F, PCN11, PCN12, PCN13
  • and others

Board-to-Wire for example with the following series:

  • DF11, DF13, DF14, DF19, DF20, DF21, DF22, DF38, DF57
  • DF59 (Board-to-Wire and Board-to-Board)
  • DF61 (Board-to-Wire with Swing-Lock)
  • FX15, FX16
  • GT10, GT 11, GT17
  • HIF3A, HIF4
  • MDF51, MDF6, MDF76
  • and others

FPC / FFC for example with the following series:

  • FH12, FH19, FH23, FH26, FH28, FH30, FH33, FH39, FH41, FH48, FH50, FH52, FH67
  • TF38, TF45
  • and others

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