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ES&S adapter set for LVDS applications


The ES&S adapter set has been designed to complete a connection (see fig. 5) between a LVDS application especially for LCD control and a desktop board (fig. 6) with a plug connector being compatible with VESA® Embedded DisplayPort Standard (eDP™) (see fig. 5 and 6).

The following components are included in our scope of delivery:


Technical data (fig.2 and 3) for the adapter:

  • side 1: ACES 50204-040, R = 0.50 mm
  • side 2: ACES 88107-4000I, R = 1.00 mm
  • L x W x H = 30 x 20 x 1.6 mm, FR4,


Technical data (fig. 4) strand cable:

  • side 1: 40-pin ACES 87219-4000 or JST SHDR-40, R = 1.00 mm
  • side 2: unprocessed
  • strand UL 94 V-0, AWG28-32
  • L = 500 mm


Technical data (fig. 5) round cable:

  • side 1: ACES 50204-40, 0.50 mm
  • side 2: ACES 50204-40, 0.50 mm
  • round cable AWG40, Micro-Coax, configuration 1:1, L = 300 mm


The unprocessed second side of the cable will be connected to the LCD control (see fig. 9 “general survey”).

Suitable with ACES connector: STE-ACES-50203-40-0-N001 (see fig. 7)

Suitable with Starconn 107F40 pin headers.

Suitable with Intel® Desktop Board: DH61AG, DN2800MT (see fig. 7 and 8)

Suitable with Congatec board: Conga-IC87 und Conga-IC97 (without fig)


For details as to individual suitable products please click the following links:



The various individual components can of course also be purchased separately. The roundcable is also available as an strands version.


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